Afikpo South (Edda) LGA Postal Code (Zip Code) – Ebonyi State

Afikpo South (Edda) Local Government Area (LGA) is a significant administrative region located in Ebonyi State, Nigeria. Known for its vibrant communities, rich cultural heritage, and economic activities, Afikpo South (Edda) LGA plays a pAfikpo South (Edda)tal role in the socio-economic landscape of Ebonyi State.

As with any region, an efficient postal system is essential for facilitating communication, commerce, and administrative functions. The assignment of accurate postal codes within Afikpo South (Edda) LGA is a critical aspect of this system, ensuring that mail and packages are correctly addressed and delivered promptly.

Postal codes are not only important for mail delivery but also serve various other purposes, including emergency services, demographic studies, urban planning, and the implementation of government projects.

Accurate postal codes help streamline the operations of businesses, support the logistics sector, and enhance the overall connectivity of the area. In Afikpo South (Edda) LGA, postal codes are used to identify specific locations within its towns and villages, aiding in the efficient sorting and delivery of mail.

This comprehensive article delves into the postal code system specific to Afikpo South (Edda) LGA, providing detailed information about the codes assigned to different areas within the region. It offers valuable insights for residents, businesses, and postal service providers, highlighting the importance of using the correct postal codes for effective communication and logistical operations.

Whether you are sending a letter, a package, or important documents, understanding the postal code system in Afikpo South (Edda) LGA is crucial for ensuring that your mail reaches its intended destination without delays.

In the subsequent sections, we will explore the specific postal codes assigned to various towns and villages within Afikpo South (Edda) LGA, offering a detailed guide to help you navigate the postal system in this vibrant part of Ebonyi State.

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Below are all the postal codes for areas located within Afikpo South (Edda):

LocationPostal Code  
Onu Akpara480106
Ime Abali480106
Ndi Anamacha480106