Kwara State Postal Code/Zip Code List

Kwara State, located in the North Central region of Nigeria, is a region known for its cultural heritage, educational institutions, and vibrant economy. As one of the country’s significant administrative areas, having an accurate and comprehensive postal code or zip code system is important for efficient mail delivery, business operations, and overall connectivity.

Kwara State is in the north-central part of Nigeria and has 16 (sixteen) local government areas.

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Understanding the postal codes within Kwara State can greatly facilitate smooth communication, enhance logistics, and ensure that parcels and correspondence reach their intended destinations promptly.

The postal code system in Kwara State is meticulously structured to cover all its local government areas (LGAs), towns, and neighborhoods. Each region within the state is assigned a unique postal code to aid in the precise sorting and delivery of mail. For instance, Ilorin, the state capital and a major hub of commercial and educational activities, has its own set of postal codes distinct from those of other areas like Offa, Omu-Aran, and Patigi. These postal codes not only assist the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) in organizing and dispatching mail but also support various businesses and government agencies in managing their logistical operations efficiently.

For residents, businesses, and visitors in Kwara State, familiarizing themselves with the correct postal codes is crucial. Whether sending a letter, shipping a package, or conducting business transactions, using the right postal code ensures that communications and deliveries are handled accurately and efficiently.

In this introductory article, we will provide a list off all Local Governement Area in Kwara State, highlighting the postal codes and how they contribute to the smooth functioning of various services within the state.

Stay tuned for a detailed list of postal codes for different areas in Kwara State to make your mail and delivery processes seamless.

The Districts/wards within each of the LGAs in Kwara State have their unique postal codes.

Click on any of the LGAs in Kwara state below to reveal its postal code/zip code:

Kwara State Urban Area Postal Codes

  1. Ilorin Town Area Posta Code

Kwara State L.G.A Postal Codes

  1. Asa LGA Postal Code
  2. Baruten LGA Postal Code
  3. Edu LGA Postal Code
  4. Ekiti LGA Postal Code
  5. Ifelodun LGA Postal Code
  6. Ilorin East LGA Postal Code
  7. Ilorin South LGA Postal Code
  8. Ilorin West LGA Postal Code
  9. Irepodun LGA Postal Code
  10. Isin LGA Postal Code
  11. Kaiama LGA Postal Code
  12. Moro LGA Postal Code
  13. Offa LGA Postal Code
  14. Oke Ero LGA Postal Code
  15. Oyun LGA Postal Code
  16. Pategi LGA Postal Code

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