Kano State Postal Code/Zip Code List

Kano State is made up of 44 Local Government Areas (LGAs). It is located in the northern part of Nigeria. As one of the most populous states in the country, Kano boasts a bustling urban center as well as extensive rural areas, each with its own unique characteristics.

The effective management of postal services within such a diverse and expansive region relies heavily on an accurate and comprehensive postal code system.

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A postal code, also known as a ZIP code in other countries, is a series of digits assigned to specific geographic areas to facilitate the efficient sorting and delivery of mail. In Kano State, the postal code system plays a crucial role in ensuring that letters, packages, and other correspondence reach their intended destinations promptly and accurately. postal code is not only for personal use but also for businesses, government agencies, and other organizations that depend on reliable postal services.

The postal code list for Kano State has a wide range of areas, from the densely populated metropolitan zones of Kano City to the more remote and rural districts. Each Local Government Area (LGA) within the state is assigned a unique set of postal codes, which are further subdivided to cover individual towns, neighborhoods, and villages. This detailed coding system allows for precise addressing, which is vital for the smooth operation of postal services, logistics, and even emergency response efforts.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive list of postal codes for Kano State, covering all its LGAs and major districts. Whether you are a resident looking to ensure your mail is correctly addressed, a business seeking to optimize your delivery routes, or simply someone interested in the intricacies of Nigeria’s postal system, this guide will offer valuable insights and detailed information.

Every ward/district located within the state has its own unique postal or zip code.

Click on any of the following LGA in Kano state to reveal their postal code or zip code:

  1. Ajingi LGA Postal Code
  2. Albasu LGA Postal Code
  3. Bagwai LGA Postal Code
  4. Bebeji LGA Postal Code
  5. Bichi LGA Postal Code
  6. Bunkure LGA Postal Code
  7. Dala LGA Postal Code
  8. Dambatta LGA Postal Code
  9. Dawakin Kudu LGA Postal Code
  10. Dawakin Tofa LGA Postal Code
  11. Doguwa LGA Postal Code
  12. Fagge LGA Postal Code
  13. Gabasawa LGA Postal Code
  14. Garko LGA Postal Code
  15. Garun Mallam LGA Postal Code
  16. Gaya LGA Postal Code
  17. Gezawa LGA Postal Code
  18. Gwale LGA Postal Code
  19. Gwarzo LGA Postal Code
  20. Kabo LGA Postal Code
  21. Kano City/Municipal LGA Postal Code
  22. Karaye LGA Postal Code
  23. Kibiya LGA Postal Code
  24. Kiru LGA Postal Code
  25. kumbotso LGA Postal Code
  26. Kunchi LGA Postal Code
  27. Kura LGA Postal Code
  28. Madobi LGA Postal Code
  29. Makoda LGA Postal Code
  30. Minjibir LGA Postal Code
  31. Nasarawa LGA Postal Code
  32. Rano LGA Postal Code
  33. Rimin Gado LGA Postal Code
  34. Rogo LGA Postal Code
  35. Shanono LGA Postal Code
  36. Sumaila LGA Postal Code
  37. Takai LGA Postal Code
  38. Tarauni LGA Postal Code
  39. Tofa LGA Postal Code
  40. Tsanyawa LGA Postal Code
  41. Tudun Wada LGA Postal Code
  42.  Ungogo LGA Postal Code
  43. Warawa LGA Postal Code
  44.  Wudil LGA Postal Code

That’s all about Kano State’s postal code and zip code. As for any related questions, use the comment section below.

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