Nasarawa State Postal Code/Zip Code List

Nasarawa State, located in north-central Nigeria, is known for its diverse cultural heritage, agricultural activities, and rapid development. The state has thirteen (13) Local Government Areas (LGAs). Each of the LGA has several wards that make use of different postal/zip codes.

Like any other state, having a well-organized postal code system is essential for efficient mail delivery, logistical planning, and administrative functions. Nasarawa State’s postal codes are structured to cover its various local government areas (LGAs), towns, and villages, ensuring precise and reliable postal services.

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The capital of Nasarawa State, Lafia, is one of the key areas with distinct postal codes. Lafia’s central business district and surrounding residential neighborhoods are covered by postal codes such as 950101, which helps in the efficient sorting and delivery of mail. These postal codes are crucial for businesses, governmental agencies, and residents who rely on timely and accurate postal services for their daily operations and communication.

In addition to Lafia, Nasarawa State is home to other significant towns and LGAs, each with its own set of postal codes. For example, Keffi, a historic town known for its educational institutions and cultural sites, is assigned postal codes like 961101. Similarly, Akwanga, another important town known for its scenic landscapes and vibrant markets, uses postal codes such as 960101. These codes play a vital role in ensuring that mail is accurately directed to these specific locations.

The postal code system in Nasarawa State also extends to more rural and remote areas, ensuring that even small villages and farming communities receive reliable postal services. For instance, areas like Doma, Karu, and Nasarawa-Eggon have their own unique postal codes, enabling the efficient handling and delivery of mail across the state. This comprehensive postal system supports the state’s economic activities by facilitating communication and trade within and beyond Nasarawa.

Click on any of the LGAs in Nasarawa State below to reveal their postal code or zip code:

  1. Akwanga LGA Postal Code
  2. Awe LGA Postal Code
  3. Doma LGA Postal Code
  4. Karu LGA Postal Code
  5. Keana LGA Postal Code
  6. Keffi LGA Postal Code
  7. Kokona LGA Postal Code
  8. Lafia LGA Postal Code
  9. Nasarawa LGA Postal Code
  10. Nasarawa Egon LGA Postal Code
  11. Obi LGA Postal Code
  12. Toto LGA Postal Code
  13. Wamba LGA Postal Code

In conclusion, Nasarawa State’s postal code system is a critical component of its infrastructure, supporting efficient mail delivery and logistical operations throughout the region. Whether in urban centers like Lafia, Keffi, and Akwanga, or in rural communities, the accurate use of postal codes ensures that mail and parcels reach their intended destinations promptly. This system not only enhances communication and commerce but also contributes to the overall development and connectivity of Nasarawa State, Nigeria.

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