Akwa Ibom State Postal Code/Zip Code List

Akwa Ibom State, located in the southeastern region of Nigeria, with thirty-one (31) local government areas (LGAs), is known for its rich cultural heritage, vibrant economy, and beautiful landscapes. As one of the country’s key oil-producing states, it plays a significant role in Nigeria’s economic landscape.

Akwa Ibom Map
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Efficient communication and logistical operations are essential for the continued growth and development of this dynamic region. One of the fundamental components of a well-organized communication system is the use of accurate postal codes.

Postal codes, also known as ZIP codes in some countries, are essential for sorting and delivering mail accurately and efficiently. They help postal services, businesses, and government agencies pinpoint specific locations within a state, ensuring that correspondence, packages, and services reach their intended destinations without delay. In Akwa Ibom State, the postal code system is meticulously organized to cover its diverse array of cities, towns, and villages.

This article provides a comprehensive list of postal codes for Akwa Ibom State, serving as a valuable resource for residents, businesses, and anyone looking to send mail or packages to this region. By understanding and utilizing the correct postal codes, individuals and organizations can enhance their communication efficiency, support local commerce, and contribute to the overall development of Akwa Ibom State.

The postal/zip code of NIPOST headquarters in Akwa Ibom state is 520001; however, it is advisable to use the exact postal code assigned to your LGA when filling out forms.

Click on any of the locations below to reveal their postal codes/zip codes:

  1. Abak LGA Postal Code
  2. Eastern Obolo LGA Postal Code
  3. Eket LGA Postal Code
  4. Esit-Eket LGA Postal Code
  5. Essien Udim LGA Postal Code
  6. Etim-Ekpo LGA Postal Code
  7. Etinan LGA Postal Code
  8. Ibeno LGA Postal Code
  9. Ibesikpo-Asutan LGA Postal Code
  10. Ibiono-Ibom LGA Postal Code
  11. Ika LGA Postal Code
  12. Ikono LGA Postal Code
  13. Ikot Abasi LGA Postal Code
  14. Ikot Ekpene LGA Postal Code
  15. Ini LGA Postal Code
  16. Itu LGA Postal Code
  17. Mbo LGA Postal Code
  18. Mkpat-Enin LGA Postal Code
  19. Nsit-Atai LGA Postal Code
  20. Nsit-Ibom LGA Postal Code
  21. Nsit-Ubium LGA Postal Code
  22. Obot-Akara LGA Postal Code
  23. Okobo LGA Postal Code
  24. Onna LGA Postal Code
  25. Oron LGA Postal Code
  26. Oruk Anam LGA Postal Code
  27. Ukanafun LGA Postal Code
  28. Udung-Uko LGA Postal Code
  29. Uruan LGA Postal Code
  30. Urue-Offong/Oruko LGA Postal Code
  31. Uyo LGA Postal Code

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