Mkpat-Enin LGA Postal Code (Zip Code) – Akwa Ibom State

Mkpat-Enin Local Government Area (LGA) is a prominent administrative region in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Renowned for its rich cultural heritage, economic activities, and strategic importance, Mkpat-Enin is a bustling area that plays a significant role in the socio-economic landscape of the state. Mkpat-Enin has 4 districts; which all have different postal codes.

One of the critical aspects of maintaining efficient communication and logistics within Mkpat-Enin LGA is the implementation of an accurate and comprehensive postal code system. Postal codes are essential for the precise sorting and delivery of mail, ensuring that correspondence and packages reach their intended destinations promptly.

The postal code system in Mkpat-Enin LGA is meticulously organized to cover various towns, villages, and neighborhoods within the area. This system facilitates not only personal and business correspondence but also supports the broader economic activities that drive the region.

Accurate postal codes are vital for local businesses, especially in sectors such as retail, e-commerce, and logistics, enabling them to operate smoothly and serve their customers effectively. Additionally, postal codes are crucial for government agencies, emergency services, and utility providers to deliver their services efficiently and manage resources effectively.

Understanding the postal code system in Mkpat-Enin LGA is essential for residents, businesses, and postal service providers. By familiarizing themselves with the correct postal codes for different areas, individuals and organizations can ensure that their mail and deliveries are handled accurately and efficiently.

This knowledge also supports the overall development and connectivity of Mkpat-Enin LGA, contributing to its growth and prosperity. In this article, we will delve into the details of the postal code system in Mkpat-Enin LGA, providing valuable insights and information for all stakeholders.

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Mkpat-Enin Postal Codes start with 534xxx. this Local Government Area is located in Akwa Ibom State, South-South Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria.

Here are the postal codes for Mkpat-Enin LGA:

Ibiaku Clan

LocationPostal Code
Ikot Ebak534112
Ikot Aka534112
Ikot Ntot534112
Ikot Etina534112
Ikot AkpaObong534112
Ibekwe Akpan Nya534112
Nya Odiong534112
Minya Ntak534112
Ikot Abia Enin534112
Ikot Abasi Akpan534112
Ikot Ekpenyong534112
Ndot Abat534112
Ikot Akanung Ikono Ekpene Ubium534112
Esa Ekpo534112
Ikot Idiong534112

Ikpa Ibom Clan

LocationPostal Code
Ikot AKata534113
Ikot Ayan534113
Ikot Akpaden534113
Ikot Edim534113
Ikot Akpaekop534113
Ikot Obio Itong534113
Ikot ObioAkai534113
Ikot Akpan534113
Ikot Ediongno534113
Ikot Etefia534113
Ikot Obong534113
Ikot Akpabio534113
Ikot Osong OtUK534113
Ikot Aba534113
Ikot Inyang Okop534113
Ikot Isighe534113
Ikot Eti534113
Ikot Enin534113
Ikot OkopOdong534113
Ikot UKwa534113
Ikot Oyoro534113
Ikot Obiondoho534113
Ndon Obodom534113
Ikot Ekpang534113
Ikot Ekong534113
Ikot Obio Ekpong534113

Ikpa Ikono Clan

LocationPostal Code
Ikot Ekpaw534114
Ikot Obionso534114
Ikot Esen AkpanNtuen534114
Ikot Abia Utok534114
Ikot Mkpeye534114
Ikot Edah534114
Ikot Unya534114
Ikot Afang534114
Ikot Aba si Obio Nkan534114
Ikot Umiang Obio Nkan534114
Ikot Enyiene Obio Nkan534114

Ukpum Minya Clan

LocationPostal Code
Etuk Nung Ukim534115
Eka Nung UKim534115
Ikot Udo Idem534115
Ikot Udo534115
Ikot Edeghe534115
Ikot Ekop534115
Ikot Akpabio534115
Ikot Obio Okoi534115
Ikot Abia534115
Ata Minya534115
Ikot Akpa Okop534115
Ikot Etefia534115
Ikot EkaIdeh534115
Ikot Obong534115
Ikot Abasi534115
Ikot Ekp UK534115
Nung Ukim 3534115
Ikot Ekpe534115
Mkpat Enin534115
Ikot Obio Akwa534115
Ikot Abasi Ufon534115