Imo State Postal Code/Zip Code List

Imo State, located in the southeastern region of Nigeria, is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, vibrant economy, and dynamic urban centers. As a vital hub of commerce, education, and industry, Imo State plays a significant role in the socio-economic landscape of Nigeria.

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Efficient communication and logistics are essential to the smooth functioning of this bustling state, and an accurate postal code system is a cornerstone of these operations. Postal codes not only facilitate the precise delivery of mail and parcels but also support various administrative functions, from census taking to urban planning.

There are twenty-seven (27) Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Imo, with each of them having its unique postal or zip code.

Imo State is divided into several Local Government Areas (LGAs), each with its own unique set of postal codes. From the bustling streets of Owerri, the state capital, to the tranquil rural communities, each area has been meticulously assigned a postal code to streamline postal services and enhance operational efficiency.

This article delves into the detailed postal code list of Imo State, providing valuable insights and information to ensure effective communication and logistical management within the state.

Click on any of the LGAs in Imo state below to reveal its postal/zip code:

  1. Aboh Mbaise LGA Postal Code
  2. Ahiazu Mbaise LGA Postal Code
  3. Ehime Mbano LGA Postal Code
  4. Ezinihitte Mbaise LGA Postal Code
  5. Ideato North LGA Postal Code
  6. Ideato South LGA Postal Code
  7. Ihitte/Uboma LGA Postal Code
  8. Ikeduru LGA Postal Code
  9. Isiala Mbano LGA Postal Code
  10. Isu LGA Postal Code
  11. Mbaitoli LGA Postal Code
  12. Ngor Okpala LGA Postal Code
  13. Njaba LGA Postal Code
  14. Nkwerre LGA Postal Code
  15. Nwangele LGA Postal Code
  16. Obowo/Obowu LGA Postal Code
  17. Oguta LGA Postal Code
  18. Ohaji/Egbema LGA Postal Code
  19. Okigwe LGA Postal Code
  20. Onuimo LGA Postal Code
  21. Orlu LGA Postal Code
  22. Orsu LGA Postal Code
  23. Oru East LGA Postal Code
  24. Oru West LGA Postal Code
  25. Owerri Municipal LGA Postal Code
  26. Owerri North LGA Postal Code
  27. Owerri West LGA Postal Code

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