Bayelsa State Postal Code/Zip Code List

Bayelsa State, located in the southern region of Nigeria, is a state rich in cultural heritage and natural resources. Known for its vital oil industry and picturesque landscapes of rivers and mangroves, Bayelsa plays a significant role in Nigeria’s economic and environmental framework. Bayelsa has 8 Local Government areas.

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Efficient postal services are crucial for fostering communication, trade, and governance within this state. The assignment of accurate postal codes to various towns, cities, and local government areas (LGAs) within Bayelsa is essential for the smooth operation of mail delivery, administrative tasks, and business logistics.

This comprehensive article provides a detailed list of postal codes specific to Bayelsa State, offering valuable insights for residents, businesses, and postal service providers to ensure accurate and efficient mail handling and delivery.

The postcode for NIPOST headquarters in Bayelsa State is 560001; however, this code shouldn’t be used for completing forms as locations within each Local Government Area in Bayelsa have their unique postal codes.

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Click on any of the LGAs in Bayelsa below to reveal their postal codes:

  1. Brass LGA Postal Code
  2. Ekeremor LGA Postal Code
  3. Kolokuma/Opokuma LGA Postal Code
  4. Nembe LGA Postal Code
  5. Ogbia LGA Postal Code
  6. Sagbama LGA Postal Code
  7. Southern Ijaw LGA Postal Code
  8. Yenagoa LGA Postal Code

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