Nsit Ubium & Nsit Ibom LGA Postal Code (Zip Code) – Akwa Ibom State

Nsit Ubium & Nsit Ibom Local Government Area (LGA) is a prominent administrative region in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Renowned for its rich cultural heritage, economic activities, and strategic importance, Nsit Ubium & Nsit Ibom is a bustling area that plays a significant role in the socio-economic landscape of the state. Nsit Ubium & Nsit Ibom has 7 districts; which all have different postal codes.

One of the critical aspects of maintaining efficient communication and logistics within Nsit Ubium & Nsit Ibom LGA is the implementation of an accurate and comprehensive postal code system. Postal codes are essential for the precise sorting and delivery of mail, ensuring that correspondence and packages reach their intended destinations promptly.

The postal code system in Nsit Ubium & Nsit Ibom LGA is meticulously organized to cover various towns, villages, and neighborhoods within the area. This system facilitates not only personal and business correspondence but also supports the broader economic activities that drive the region.

Accurate postal codes are vital for local businesses, especially in sectors such as retail, e-commerce, and logistics, enabling them to operate smoothly and serve their customers effectively. Additionally, postal codes are crucial for government agencies, emergency services, and utility providers to deliver their services efficiently and manage resources effectively.

Understanding the postal code system in Nsit Ubium & Nsit Ibom LGA is essential for residents, businesses, and postal service providers. By familiarizing themselves with the correct postal codes for different areas, individuals and organizations can ensure that their mail and deliveries are handled accurately and efficiently.

This knowledge also supports the overall development and connectivity of Nsit Ubium & Nsit Ibom LGA, contributing to its growth and prosperity. In this article, we will delve into the details of the postal code system in Nsit Ubium & Nsit Ibom LGA, providing valuable insights and information for all stakeholders.

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Here are the postal codes for Nsit Ubium & Nsit Ibom LGAs:

Ubium South

Loations within Ubium South use the same code:

LocationPostal Code
Mbat Uno522109
Nung Obong522109
Obio Ekit522109
Obio Ubium522109
Odoro Atasung522109
Ikot Uso522109
Ekpene Ukim522109
Ikot Akpa Eno522109
Ikot Akpa Mba522109
Ikot Edok522109
Ikot Enwana522109
Ikot Nkor522109
Ikot Ntung522109
Ikot Okoro522109
Ikot Okpodo522109
Ikot Okpyot522109
Ikot Ubo522109
Ikot Udo Ide522109
Ikot Udo Iton522109
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Asang Clan

Areas within Asang Clan use the same:

LocationPostal Code
Mbak Nsit I522110
Miokporo Obio Nsit522110
Nditung Nsit522110
Nduo Eduo522110
Ikot Asat522110
Obo Atai522110
Ikot Idem522110
Obo Etim522110
Ikot Ntan Nsit522110
Obo Etok522110
Ikot Ntuem522110
Obo Ikot Ita522110
Ikot Obio Edim522110
Obo Ntong522110
Ikot Obok522110
Ikot Ofiok-Nsit522110
Okwo Nsit522110
Ikot Ofiong Nsit522110
Ukat Nsit522110
Ikot Oku Nsit522110
Ukot Nsit522110
Ikot Otong-Nsit522110
Afaha nsit I522110
Afia Nsit I522110
Anyam Nsit522110
Ekpene Ukpan522110
Ikat Nsit522110
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Locations within Ibiakpan-Obotim use the same:

LocationPostal Code
Ikot Ada Okp522108
Ikot Akpabon522108
Ikot Akpan Ibakpan522108
Ikot Edikpe522108
Ikot Ekpene Udo522108
Ikot Imo522108
Ikot Udo Ime522108
Ikot Ukobo522108
Ntiti Oton522108
Ukat Atan522108
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Itere Clan

Areas in Itere Clan use the same digits:

LocationPostal Code
Ikot Akan522107
Ikot Ansang522107
Ikot Ede522107
Ikot Ekpan522107
Ikot Etim522107
Ikot Etobo522107
Ikot Iyire522107
Ikot Okobo522107
Usung Inyand522107
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Some Locations within Ndiya use different postcode. Check the table below for your exact location:

LocationPostal Code
Afia Nsit Atai522104
Ikot Abasi-Ufat522104
Ikot Akpaofuk522104
Ikot Edibon522104
Ikot Ewang522104
Ikot Inyang Eti522104
Ikot Obio Ndua522104
Ikot Ukap522104
Ndiya Usung Inyang522104
Ibiaku Ikot Edet531118
Ikot Offiong Ndiya531118
Ibok Ndiya531118
Ikot Udu Ndiya531118
Ikot Abasi Ndiya531118
Mbi akpa Ndiya531118
Ikot Akpa Edet Ndiya531118
Nkara Obio531118
Ikot Akpa Edok531118
Ikot Akpa Ekpuk531118
Ikot Akpa Idem Ndiya531118
Ikot Akpan531118
Ikot Akpan Ndiya531118
Ikot Akpayara Ndiya531118
Ikot Anyan Ndija531118
Ikot Enua531118
Ikot Etefia-Ndiya531118
Ikot Idaha531118
Ikot Nto Ndiya531118
Ikot Obio Edi531118
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Ubium North

Areas within Ubium North use the same:

LocationPostal Code
Atiam Kpat522105
Edem Idim Okpot522105
Ikot Akpan-Abia522105
Ikot Ekwere522105
Ikot Esen522105
Ikot Eyo522105
Ikot Oduatang522105
Ikot Okwot522105
Ikot Osom522105
Ndukpo Ise522105
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