Keffi LGA Postal Code (Zip Code) – Nasarawa State

Keffi Local Government Area (LGA) in Nasarawa State, Nigeria, is a region known for its historical significance and educational institutions. The town of Keffi, serving as the headquarters of the LGA, plays a central role in the administrative and economic activities of the area. One of the critical components of effective communication and logistical operations in Keffi is its postal code system, which ensures that mail and packages are accurately sorted and delivered.

The postal code for Keffi LGA is 961101. This code covers various neighborhoods and communities within the region, facilitating the efficient handling and distribution of mail.

By using the correct postal code, residents and businesses can ensure that their correspondence and parcels reach their intended destinations promptly. The postal code system also aids in identifying specific locations within the LGA, making it easier for postal workers and logistics companies to navigate the area.

Below are all the postal codes for locations within Keffi LGA:

LocationPostal Code
Ang. Salabu961101
Anguwan Jaba961101
Anguwan Maiganga961101
Dan Dabi961101
Kaibo Mada961101
Sabon Gari961101
Yar Kadde961101