List Of Post Offices In Kwara State, Nigeria With Addresses

Kwara State, located in the north-central region of Nigeria, boasts a network of post offices strategically situated across its various towns and communities. These post offices serve as vital hubs for mail distribution, courier services, and other postal-related activities, catering to the needs of residents, businesses, and governmental agencies alike. As an integral part of the state’s infrastructure, the post offices in Kwara State play a crucial role in facilitating communication, commerce, and administrative processes within the region.

From the bustling capital city of Ilorin to the more rural areas and villages, each post office in Kwara State is equipped to handle a wide range of postal services efficiently and effectively. Whether sending letters, parcels, or official documents, residents and businesses can rely on the extensive network of post offices in Kwara State to ensure that their mail reaches its intended destination promptly and securely.

The following is an address list for each of the Post Offices in Kwara State. You can use these addresses to find the nearest post office that is geographically closest to your area. You can find any post office in Kwara using Google Maps or by asking someone or a resident about the best route to take to get there.

According to the Nigerian Postal Service, the following is a list of Post Offices found in Kwara State.

List Of Post Offices In Kwara State, Nigeria With Addresses

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Post OfficeAddressCityLGA
IlorinMurtala Mohammed RdIlorinIlorin South
AssunaraPrincess RD Centre Igboro IlorinAssunaraIlorin West
BabokoNew market RdBabakoIlorin West
Ajikobi OlojeSheik Abdulahi Al-Iliry Street by Ipata-Oloje IlorinAjikobiIlorin West
Federal sec.Federal sec. IlorinFederal sec.Ilorin East
UnilorinUniv. of Ilorin CampusUnilorinIlorin East
JebbaPalace Area Idiagbon, NEPA Rd JebbaJebbaMoro
BacitaCentral Mosque Rd, BacitaBacitaEdu
Bode saaduOff Jebba Road Bode SaaduBode saaduMoro
OkutaShaki Road opp. Baptist Gram. Sch. OkutaOkutaBaruten
KaimaKanji Rd KaimaKaimaKaiama
ShareSaragi Road ShareShareIfelodun (Kwara)
PatigiRogun Road PatigiPatigiPategi
Kuntu147, Oba Mama Street Kuntu, IlorinIlorinIlorin South
LafiagiMarket Square LafiagiLafiajiEdu
AfonNear Local Govt. Sec. AfonAfonAsa
OffaOwode Olofa Way, OffaOffaOffa
IgbajaIfelonum LGA Oke Ode RdIgbajaIfelodun (Kwara)
IlalaPost Office Rd, IlalaIlalaIfelodun (Kwara)
Ajase IpoApo-Offa Rd, Ajase IpoAjase IpoIrepodun – Kwara
IpeeIpee-Offa Rd, IpeeIpeeOyun
Erin-IleAmejiogbe Oshogbo Rd, Erin-IleErin-IleOyun
IgosunIgosun-Ajoko Rd,IgosunIgosunOyun
OjokuPopo Road, OjokuOjokuOyun
IraGSS Road, IraIraOyun
IkotunGRA Offa Rd IkotunIkotunOyun
AgbamuIle-Bale, AgbamuAgbamuIrepodun – Kwara
Fed.PolyFed. Poly Campus, OffaOffaOffa
Ijagbo P OOba’s Palace, IjagboIjagboOke – Ero
Iwo-IsinECWA Yard Iwo-isinIwo-IsinIsin
Aran DunOke-Isan Lieti, Aran DunAran DunIrepodun – Kwara
Omu-AranIlorin Rd, Omu-AranOmu-AranIrepodun – Kwara
ErukuAlong Egbe RoadErukuEkiti
Oke-OnigbimAlong Ilorin RoadOmu-AranIsin
Isanlu IsinAlong Oke-Onigbin Rd.,Opp.Isanlu IsinIsin
Owu-IsinOke Akpata St,Owu-IsinOwu-IsinIsin
IloffaBus Stop Aloffa palace, IloffaIloffaOke – Ero
Ijara-IsinOkegunsin Isanlu Isin Rd.Ijara-IsinIsin
OsiIdiagbon Egbe Road, OsiOsiEkiti
EdidiCollege Rd EdidiEdidiIsin
EsieBeside Town Hall, EsieEsieIrepodun – Kwara
OroOke-OlaStreet, OroOroIrepodun – Kwara
ObboAiyegunle Area ObboObbo-AiyegunleEkiti

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