Nigeria Postal Code faqs

What is the postal code or zip code of Nigeria?

Nigeria does not have a single postal code, but streets, villages, towns, and cities in Nigeria are divided into postal areas with their
respective postal codes.

Read more on what a postal code is HERE.

Is 23401 The postal code for Nigeria?

23401 is not a valid postal code for Nigeria. You can check through the states you want for the closest postal address to use for your online service.

What is the Nigeria state code?

PostalCode.ng has provided lists of all the codes for Nigeria’s 36 states and the FCT.

What postal code is 23401?

23401 is not a valid postal code.

What is Owerri’s postcode?

Look under Imo State in the right region of the country or use the search icon above to find the right postal code for Owerri.

Where can I find my postal code? How do I find a postal code?

You can look through the regions of the state that contains your town/city to match the respective postal code in Nigeria. Read More