Funtua LGA Postal Code (Zip Code) – Kastina State

Funtua is one of the 34 Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Katsina State, Nigeria. Funtua holds significant historical and cultural importance as it is considered the spiritual home of the Hausa people.

This vibrant region is not only renowned for its rich heritage and cultural landmarks but also plays a crucial role in the socio-economic activities of Katsina State.

Effective communication and efficient logistical operations are vital for the development and connectivity of Funtua, and an integral part of this system is the accurate assignment of postal codes.

Postal codes serve as essential tools for sorting and delivering mail, ensuring that letters, packages, and important documents reach their intended destinations promptly. For residents, businesses, and government agencies within Funtua LGA, understanding and utilizing the correct postal codes is crucial for maintaining seamless communication and logistical operations.

There are several areas located within the LGA that make use of different postal codes.

Below are all the postal codes for Funtua LGA:


LocationPostal Code
Batc Rd830213
Cotton Agriculture Production830213
Dan Hydro Company LTD830213
FCC. Company830213
Hauwa Communication Collage830213
Pampers Nursery & Primary School830213
UNIPETROL Station830213

Low Cost

LocationPostal Code
Bakori Bye Pass830223
Katarda Qtrs830223
LGA Staff Qtrs830223
Funtua Northern Diaries830223
PASCART Fertilizer Company830223
Fire Service830223
Yan Waki Lowcost830223

Sabon Layi

LocationPostal Code
Mairuwa Rd830212
Idi Master830212
Dan Dume Rd830212
Tumburkai Rd830212
Faskari Rd830212
Sokoto Rd830212

Unguwar Tukur

LocationPostal Code
Abubakar Gummi Rd830273
Audu Aminchi830273
Gangaren Gangariya830273
Gangaren Tusaulawa830273
Sokoto Bye Pass830273
Ungwar Mata830273


LocationPostal Code
Gangaren Karofi830274
Shiwaki Rd830274
Mai Ruwa Rd830274

Sabonb Fegi

LocationPostal Code
Prisons Yard830224
Sokoto Bye Pass830224
Yan Rumfa Primary School830224

Dan Dutse

LocationPost Code
Shuwaki Rd830221
Anwar Islam School830221
Kabomo Rd830221
Shehu Primary School830221
Tudun Malamai830221
Islamic Library830221
Muslim Community830221
Musa Danlami Rd830221
Zaria Rd830221
Laying Magaji830221
Bakori Rd830221
Jibwis Office830221
Goya Rd830221
Zanfarawa Rd830221
AP Station830221
Mobil Station830221
Total Station830221
Market Rd830221
Sambo Primary School830221
Hali brothers830221

Tudun Iya

LocationPostal Code
Zaria Rd830262
Federal Inland Revenue830262
Standard Trust Bank830262
NEPA Service Centre830262

Filin Kallo

LocationPostal Code
Zaria Rd830211
Shuwaki Rd830211
Layin Tusaulawa830211

Dutsen Reme

LocationPostal Code
Mohammed Bashir Rd831266
Umaru Yaro Motors831266
Nabukka Rd831266
Buhari Aliyu Rd831266
Rahama Medical Stores831266
Magaji Tsoho Rd831266
Garba Tasha Rd831266
Ibrahim Moh’d Tsiga Rd831266
Kings & Kids Science831266
Jumma’a Mosque831266
Abudullahi Aminci Rd831266
Babajo Ibrahim Rd831266
Garba Abdullahi Taska Rd831266
Institute of Qu’arnic Studies831266
Isiaku Buwa831266
Iya Labaran Rd831266
Katsina Rd831266
Labo Kankia Rd831266
Lawal Dahiru Rd831266
Mai’ungwaruwa Sajo Rd831266
Police Outpost831266
Taxeco Station831266

Tudun Wada

Batc Rd830225
Cotton Agriculture Production830225
Dan Hydro Company LTD830225
FCC. Company830225
Hauwa Communication Collage830225
Pampers Nursery & Primary School830225
UNIPETROL Station830225
Katsina Rd830225
Bakori Bye Pass830225
RUDAP Office830225


LocationPostal Code
Corn Processing Company830266
Hassan Baba Rd830266
Katsina Rd830266
NEPA Transmission Sub830266
NTA Station830266

Unguwar Dahiru

LocationPostal Code
Ungwaruwar Dahiru830282
Dr.Bepe Bottling Compay830282


All areas locted within Jabiri make use of 830232 as their postal code.


All the areas located within Makera make use of 830275 as their postal code.


All areas located within Nssarawa make use of 830281  

Ungwar Gangaren Rafin Kasa

Areas within Ungwar Gangaren Rafin Kasa make use of 830241 as their postal code. 

Ungwar. Magina

Areas within Ungwar. Magina make use of 830231 as their postal.

Ungwaruwar Matoya  

All areas located within Ungwaruwar Matoya make use of 830272 as their postal code.

Ungwaruwar Musa

Areas located within Ungwaruwar musa make use of 830261 as their postal.

Funtua rural areas

LocationPostal Code
Ruwan Godiya830101
Tundun Wada830101
Mai Ganiji830101
F-Ta Gabas830101
F-Ta Yamma830101