Katsina LGA Postal Code (Zip Code) – Kastina State

Katsina Local Government Area (LGA) is one of the prominent administrative divisions within Katsina State, Nigeria. It is one of the 34 Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Katsina State. It also happens to harbor Katsina city which is the capital of the state.Serving as the capital city of the state.

Katsina LGA is a vital hub for administrative, economic, and cultural activities. The region is steeped in history and tradition, with a population that engages in various economic activities including agriculture, trade, and services.

Efficient communication and logistics are crucial for supporting these activities, and the postal code system plays an essential role in ensuring the smooth operation of these functions.

The postal code system in Katsina LGA is meticulously organized to facilitate accurate and efficient mail delivery and logistical operations. Postal codes are vital for sorting and directing mail to its correct destinations, thereby minimizing delays and errors in the delivery process.

These codes are also instrumental in various administrative functions, such as census taking, regional planning, and the provision of emergency services. For businesses, accurate postal codes help in optimizing delivery routes, ensuring timely dispatches, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

In this article, we will explore the specific postal codes assigned to various neighborhoods and districts within Katsina LGA. By understanding these postal codes, residents, businesses, and postal service providers can ensure the efficient handling and delivery of mail, thereby supporting the socio-economic activities in the region.

There are several areas located within the LGA that make use of different postal codes.

Note: this post provides postcodes for Katsina city only. If you’re interested in knowing the postal code for other local government areas in Katsina state click here.

Below are all the postal codes for Katsina LGA:


LocationPostal Code
Batagarawa Rd.820241
Ibrahim Babagida Rd.820241
kofar kwaya Rd.820241
New Market820241
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LocationPostal Code
Bayajidda Rd.820212
Club Rd.820212
Court Rd.820212
Goriba Rd.820212
Kaita Rd.820212
Kofar Durbi Rd.820212
Koran Rd820212
Lodge Rd.820212
Madodji Rd.820212
Queen Amina Way820212
Residency Rd.820212
Umaru Dallah Rd.820212
Golf Course820212
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Kofar Marusa

LocationPostal Code
Daura Rd.820221
Ibrahim Babangida Way820221
Marusa Rd.820221
Nagogo Way820221
Rest House Rd.820221
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Kastina Race Course

LocationPostal Code
Jibiya Rd.820281
Kofar Sauri Rd.820281
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Kofar Samri Layout

LocationPostal Code
Kaita Rd.820213
Sauri Rd.820213
Kofar Sate820213
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Police Barracks

LocationPostal Code
Kofar Kwafa Rd.820252
kofar Yandaka Rd.820252
Katsina Polytechnic Rd.820252
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Fuskar Kusu

LocationPostal Code
Kofar Kaura Rd.820231
kofa kwoya Rd.820231
kofar Marusa Rd.820231
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Fuskar gabas

LocationPostal Code
Kofar Durbi Rd.820211
Kofar Sauri Rd.820211
Kofar Marusa820211
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Garin Tandu

LocationPostal Code
Kofar Durbi Rd.820261
Kofar Guga Rd.820261
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Fuskar Yamma

LocationPostal Code
kofar kaura Rd.820251
kofar Kwara Rd.820251
kofar Yandaka Rd.820251
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Katsina rural areas

LocationPostal Code
Wakilin Kudu820101
Baki Yawa820101
Wakilin Tamma820101
Dustin Safe820101
Galadiman Arewa820101
Galadiman Gabasawa820101
Galadiman Kudu820101
Madaji Madu820101
Wakilin Arewa820101
Wakilin Gabasa820101
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