Maiduguri LGA Postal Code (Zip Code) – Borno State

Maiduguri, the capital and largest city of Borno State in northeastern Nigeria, is a vital administrative, commercial, and cultural hub. Known for its historical significance and strategic importance, Maiduguri serves as a focal point for economic activities, education, and governance within the region.

As with any major urban area, the efficient functioning of postal services is essential for maintaining effective communication, facilitating commerce, and ensuring the seamless delivery of goods and services. The assignment of accurate postal codes within Maiduguri Local Government Area (LGA) is a critical element in achieving this efficiency.

Postal codes, also known as ZIP codes in other parts of the world, are numerical codes assigned to specific geographic areas to streamline the sorting and delivery of mail. In Maiduguri LGA, these codes play a crucial role in enhancing the accuracy and speed of postal services. Whether for personal correspondence, business transactions, or government communications, the use of precise postal codes ensures that mail reaches its intended destination without unnecessary delays or misdeliveries.

The postal code system in Maiduguri LGA not only facilitates efficient mail delivery but also supports various administrative and logistical functions. It aids in demographic mapping, resource allocation, and the planning and implementation of development projects.

Additionally, accurate postal codes are indispensable for emergency services, utility providers, and businesses operating within the area, enabling them to serve the community more effectively.

In this article, we will delve into the specifics of the postal code system in Maiduguri LGA, providing detailed information on the various codes assigned to different neighborhoods and districts.

Below are the postal codes for Towns in Maiduguri LGA:

College of Agriculture

Location  Postal Code
Alkome Ply Clinic600223
Army Barrack-600223
Chad Basin600223
College of Agriculture600223
Customs Area600223
Gamboru Dikwa Road Rd.600223
Gamboru Road Rd.600223
Gubori Gana600223
Gubori Kura600223
Lake Chad- Research Inst.600223
Low Cost600223
Sanda Kyari I Pry. Sch.600223
State Museum-600223
Sport Council600223


LocationPostal Code
Abba Habib St St.600235
Ahmed Gonin St St.600235
Askira St St.600235
Bukar Dipcharima St St.600235
Digma Mala St St.600235
Gwoza St St.600235
Ibrahim Imam St St.600235
Kaka St St.600235
Kazalla Borko St St.600235
Konduga St St.600235
Lawani Tawil St St.600235
Lazalla Kulloma St St.600235
M. Ibrahim St St.600235
Maijir St St.600235
Mamman Maijir St St.600235
Mastafa Monguno St St.600235
Mukaddam Usman St St.600235
St. Talba Abba-600235
Talba Ahmeed St St.600235
Talba Modu St St.600235
Uba st St.600235
Umara Benisheik St St.600235
Wali Adam St St.600235
Waziri Musa St St.600235

Coca Cola Factory

Location Postal Code
Ala Road Rd.600273
Barki Crescent Cr.600273
Bedawa Street St.600273
Bumsa Road Rd.600273
Buratia Street St.600273
Colore Road Rd.600273
Damasak Street St.600273
Dapchi Street St.600273
Fika Road Rd.600273
Furama Street St.600273
Gaddati Street St.600273
Gama Street St.600273
Gana Road Rd.600273
Gaska Road Rd.600273
Gasma Street St.600273
Gongola St St.600273
Hawul St St.600273
Jakusho St St.600273
Jimei Road Rd.600273
Jurema Street St.600273
Kala Road Rd.600273
Kanadu Road Rd.600273
Kolo Street St.600273
Lamin Road Rd.600273
Logoma Road Rd.600273
Lokoja Street St.600273
Mbutu Road Rd.600273
Ngandu Street St.600273
Ngomari Street St.600273
Satomi Street St.600273
Shani Street St.600273
Sharta Alau Street St.600273
Shika Street St.600273
Tukunya Street St.600273
Wambza Street St.600273
Zanna Street St.600273
Adachi Road Rd.600273
Agga Road Rd.600273
Alauma St St.600273
Anas Road Rd.600273
Bala Road Rd.600273
Chibok St St.600273
Dukuwari St St.600273
Dulka St St.600273
Fika St St.600273
Gadaka St St.600273
Gulandi Yelwa600273
Gundo Street St.600273
Jamina Rd Rd.600273
Kartu Road Rd.600273
Limanti Street St.600273
Maoda Road Rd.600273
Martins Street St.600273
Mayus Street St.600273
Nafada Road Rd.600273
New Marte Street St.600273
Nggasan Road Rd.600273
Pawa Road Rd.600273
Puladari Road Rd.600273
Sara Street St.600273
Sherit Street St.600273
Shika Road Rd.600273
Subwana Road Rd.600273
Suleja Road Rd.600273
Takum Road Rd.600273
Tuma Road Rd.600273
Waziri Road Rd.600273
Zangere Street St.600273
Zibutu Street St.600273

Government House

LocationPostal Code
Adamawa Road Rd.600231
Alaiuma Rd Rd.600231
Amadu Goinmi600231
Attah Rd Rd.600231
Bauchi Road Rd.600231
Benue Road Rd.600231
Borno Road Rd.600231
Cemetery Road Rd.600231
Circular Rd Rd.600231
Drive Road Rd.600231
EI- Kanemi Rd Rd.600231
Gongola Rd Rd.600231
Government House600231
Government House Road Rd.600231
Homon Rd Rd.600231
Jos Rd Rd.600231
Kinsbasa Road Rd.600231
Kumni Road Rd.600231
Lake Chad Club Road Rd.600231
Magaram Road Rd.600231
Mai Idris Rd Rd.600231
Mainin Kanindi600231
Maoira Rd Rd.600231
Onitsha Rd Rd.600231
Oturkpo Road Rd.600231
Polo Road Rd.600231
Sardauna Road Rd.600231
Tafawa Road Rd.600231
Yobe Road Rd.600231


LocationPostal Code
Ala Road Rd.600281
Barki Crescent Cr.600281
Bedawa Street St.600281
Bumsa Road Rd.600281
Buratia Street St.600281
Colore Road Rd.600281
Damasak Street St.600281
Dapchi Street St.600281
Fika Road Rd.600281
Furama Street St.600281
Gaddati Street St.600281
Gama Street St.600281
Gana Road Rd.600281
Gaska Road Rd.600281
Gasma Street St.600281
Gongola St St.600281
Hawul St St.600281
Jakusho St St.600281
Jimei Road Rd.600281
Jurema Street St.600281
Kala Road Rd.600281
Kanadu Road Rd.600281
Kolo Street St.600281
Lamin Road Rd.600281
Logoma Road Rd.600281
Lokoja Street St.600281
Mbutu Road Rd.600281
Ngandu Street St.600281
Ngomari Street St.600281
Satomi Street St.600281
Shani Street St.600281
Sharta Alau Street St.600281
Shika Street St.600281
Tukunya Street St.600281
Wambza Street St.600281
Zanna Street St.600281
Mohammed Road Rd.600281
Dawi Road Rd.600281
Alkali Road Rd.600281
Safas Road Rd.600281
Haran Road Rd.600281
Jos Road Rd.600281
Zaria Road Rd.600281
Olubadan Road Rd.600281
Gashaka Road Rd.600281
Babban Gwani Road Rd.600281
Lagos Road Rd.600281
Katsina Road Rd.600281
Och Idoma Road Rd.600281
Numan Road Rd.600281
Gedde Road Rd.600281
Sarduna Road Rd.600281
Dasa Road Rd.600281
Uori Road Rd.600281
Pankshin Road Rd.600281
Katangbro Road Rd.600281
Biu Rd Rd.600281
Adamawa Road Rd.600281
Whills Road Rd.600281
Ganye Road Rd.600281
Toro Road Rd.600281
Misau Road Rd.600281
Gwoza Road Rd.600281
Aku Uka Road Rd.600281
Zinna Road Rd.600281
Mambila Road Rd.600281
Sarki Road Rd.600281
Tor-Tur Road Rd.600281


LocationPostal Code
Adamkolo Street St.600221
Ahmadu Bello Way Way600221
Gazarganu Road Rd.600221
Kinet Street St.600221
Maimalari Road Rd.600221
Ngeteruma Road Rd.600221
Waziri Road Rd.600221


LocationPostal Code
Ado Circular600271
Alhassan Street St.600271
Audu Adaya Rd Rd.600271
Baballe Raod Rd.600271
Brazil St St.600271
Bulari Road Rd.600271
College of Islamic Theol.600271
Daga Rd Rd.600271
Debire Motel600271
Dimos Road Rd.600271
El-Kanemi Rd Rd.600271
Fada Street St.600271
Fed. Highway600271
Fed. Inland Rev.600271
Fed. Min of Health600271
Gateway Rd Rd.600271
Gulumba Road Rd.600271
Gwamtu St St.600271
Jakusko Road Rd.600271
Lamba Rd. Rd.600271
Satellite Town600271
Stadium Complex600271
Yaga Street St.600271

NIPOST Head Quarters

LocationPostal Code
Agaja Road Rd.600243
Bama Road Rd.600243
Ebana Road Rd.600243
Harang Road Rd.600243
Jara Road Rd.600243
Kabba Road Rd.600243
Kamba Road Rd.600243
Kwajaffa Road Rd.600243
Tampul Road Rd.600243
Yazaram Road Rd.600243

Molai GRA

LocationPostal Code
Agaja Road Rd.600243
Bama Road Rd.600243
Ebana Road Rd.600243
Harang Road Rd.600243
Jara Road Rd.600243
Kabba Road Rd.600243
Kamba Road Rd.600243
Kwajaffa Road Rd.600243
Tampul Road Rd.600243
Yazaram Road Rd.600243

Maiduguri flour mills

LocationPostal Code
Army Barrack600214
Auno Rd Rd.600214
Baga Motor Park600214
Barko Rd Rd.600214
Dambam Road Rd.600214
Dambam St St.600214
Dolori Rd Rd.600214
Flour Mill600214
Galadima Rd Rd.600214
Giginna Rd Rd.600214
Ijebu Road Rd.600214
Kabba Bambwan600214
M. O. A. Irrigation Office600214
Malawi Rd Rd.600214
Marama Rd Rd.600214
Oil Mill Road Rd.600214
Owerri Rd Rd.600214
Project Eng. Office600214
Railway Quarters600214
School Lane Ln.600214
Umorari Rd Rd.600214
Yerima Road Rd.600214
Zajiri Village600214

Elkanemi islamic Theology

LocationPostal Code
Alhassan Road Rd.600253
Audu Adaya Road Rd.600253
Brazil Raod Rd.600253
Buballe Road Rd.600253
Bulari Road Rd.600253
Daga Road Rd.600253
Dimos Rd Rd.600253
Fada Street St.600253
Gate Way Road Rd.600253
Gulumba Road Rd.600253
Gwamta Street St.600253
Jakusko Rd Rd.600253
Lamba Road Rd.600253
Ngudokolu Road Rd.600253
Yaga Street St.600253


LocationPostal Code
Ali Dika St St.600222
Aumank St St.600222
Basa Street St.600222
Bulalama Basa Street St.600222
Garden Street St.600222
Karaga St St.600222
Karago Street St.600222
Kogara St St.600222
Kwata Street St.600222
Mama Street St.600222
Mustapha Bantumi-600222
Sheriff St St.600222
Waziri Gwoza Street St.600222

Police College

LocationPostal Code
Alo Road Rd.600251
Band Road Rd.600251
Borno Radio600251
College of Education600251
Commercial Area600251
Deribe Hotel600251
Fire Service600251
First Bank600251
Garnd Stand600251
Government College600251
Habib Bank Road Rd.600251
Kamasalem Road Rd.600251
Lake Chad Hotel600251
Leventis Road Rd.600251
Monguno Road Rd.600251
Nguru Road Rd.600251
Nigeria Police600251
Post Office600251
Race Course600251
Ramat Polytechnic600251
Resettlement Area600251
Savannah Bank600251
Shopping Complex600251
Sport Center600251
Tudun Wada600251
Wali Road Rd.600251
Yerwa SEC School600251


LocationPostal Code
Amb. Yusufuri Rd Rd.600233
Bama Road GRA.600233
El-Kanemi Road Rd.600233
Fagori Village600233
Former House of – Assembly Quarters600233
Galtimari Rd Rd.600233
Garia N. Mamma600233
Gawo Rd Rd.600233
Giwa Barrack600233
Liberally Road Rd.600233
Madadi Rd Rd.600233
Numan Rd Rd.600233
Rabeh Road Rd.600233
St. Augustine Cath. Ch Ch.600233
Tsamiya Rd Rd.600233
Water Treatment Plant600233
Waziri Rd Rd.600233

Pompamari Housing Estate

LocationPostal Code
Ala Road Rd.600282
Barki Crescent Cr.600282
Bedawa Street St.600282
Bumsa Road Rd.600282
Buratia Street St.600282
Colore Road Rd.600282
Damasak Street St.600282
Dapchi Street St.600282
Fika Road Rd.600282
Furama Street St.600282
Gaddati Street St.600282
Gama Street St.600282
Gana Road Rd.600282
Gaska Road Rd.600282
Gasma Street St.600282
Gongola St St.600282
Hawul St St.600282
Jakusho St St.600282
Jimei Road Rd.600282
Jurema Street St.600282
Kala Road Rd.600282
Kanadu Road Rd.600282
Kolo Street St.600282
Lamin Road Rd.600282
Logoma Road Rd.600282
Lokoja Street St.600282
Mbutu Road Rd.600282
Ngandu Street St.600282
Ngomari Street St.600282
Satomi Street St.600282
Shani Street St.600282
Sharta Alau Street St.600282
Shika Street St.600282
Tukunya Street St.600282
Wambza Street St.600282
Zanna Street St.600282
Mohammed Goni Close Cl.600282
Kukawa Close Cl.600282
Bade Close Cl.600282
Nguru Close Cl.600282
Geidam Close Cl.600282
Tila Close Cl.600282
Jakusko Close Cl.600282
Daya Close Cl.600282
Chikob Close Cl.600282
Shani Close Cl.600282
Hawul Close Cl.600282
Askira Close Cl.600282
Yobe Close Cl.600282
Kareto Close Cl.600282
Ibrahim Anna Road Rd.600282
Bama Close Cl.600282
Biu Street St.600282
Gazargamu St St.600282
Jorori St St.600282
Kashima St St.600282
Karstu Gaske St St.600282
Bodu St St.600282
Buguri St St.600282

NNPC Depot

LocationPostal Code
Aslaka Road Rd.600252
Azare Road Rd.600252
Bama Road Rd.600252
Damboa Road Rd.600252
Gajiram Road Rd.600252
Ganye Road Rd.600252
Gombe Road Rd.600252
Gujbawa Road Rd.600252
Jalingo Road Rd.600252
Jan Road Rd.600252
Kumo Road Rd.600252
Lau Road Rd.600252
Ma’ana Road Rd.600252
Makarimo Road Rd.600252
Meiwa Road Rd.600252
Potiskum Road Rd.600252
Tangale Road Rd.600252
Yamaltu Road Rd.600252

Post Office

LocationPostal Code
B. O. N.600211
B. R. T. V.600211
Borno State Secretatriat600211
C. B. N.600211
High Court600211
I. B. W. A.600211
Kyarimi Park600211
Lafia Road Rd.600211
Lake Chad Road Rd.600211
Laminu Way way600211
Legal Lane Ln.600211
Mail Ibrahim Road Rd.600211
NCM Motors600211
Nig. Airways600211
Nursery Road Rd.600211
Post Office600211
S. Market600211
St. Patrick Church Ch.600211
Toro Road Rd.600211
U. B. A.600211

London ciki

LocationPostal Code
Bama Motor Park600230
Federal Govt. College600230
Mai-Musa Prin. School600230
Mairi Village600230
Ngomari Gana600230
Police Station600230
Post Office600230
Teaching Hospital600230
Uni of Maiduguri600230

GRA Police Station

LocationPostal Code
Bama Motor Park600230
Federal Govt. College600230
Mai-Musa Prin. School600230
Mairi Village600230
Ngomari Gana600230
Police Station600230
Post Office600230
Teaching Hospital600230
Uni of Maiduguri600230

State low cost

LocationPostal Code
Bendel St St.600215
Benue St St.600215
Cross Rivers St St.600215
Gongola St St.600215
Kaduna St St.600215
Koikoi Rd Rd.600215
Lagos St St.600215
Ogun St St.600215
Oyo Rd Rd.600215

Nursing Home

LocationPostal Code
BOSA H. E.600241
Digma Rroad Rd.600241
Galadima Home600241
Ibrahim Wadaima Road Rd.600241
Kaigama Road Rd.600241
Kazaure Road Rd.600241
Kwami Road Rd.600241
Kyari Cres Road Rd.600241
Margi Road Rd.600241
Muhammad Road Rd.600241
Nursing Home Rd.600241
Rest House Rd.600241
Shehu Sanda Road Rd.600241
Taiba Road Rd.600241
Turaba Road Rd.600241
Waziri Kolo Cres. Cr.600241
Yerima Road Rd.600241


LocationPostal Code
Kyari Road Rd.600213
Nimeri Road Rd.600213
Shelu Umar Rd Rd.600213
Sir Kashim Ibrahim Rd Rd.600213
Tafawa Balewa Road Rd.600213