Minna LGA Postal Code (Zip Code) – Niger State

Postal codes are crucial for efficient mail delivery, logistics, and administrative operations. In Nigeria, each Local Government Area (LGA) is assigned a specific postal code to facilitate the smooth distribution of mail. Minna, the capital of Niger State, is one such area with a well-defined postal code system. In this article, we will explore the postal code for Minna LGA in Niger State, providing detailed information for residents, businesses, and postal service providers.

Additionally, the Minna L.G.A. has several other specific postal codes assigned to different districts and neighborhoods to facilitate more precise mail delivery. For example, areas such as Bosso, Chanchaga, and Kpakungu have their own distinct postal codes. This division helps postal workers and delivery services efficiently navigate the region and ensures that residents and businesses receive their mail without unnecessary delays.

Accurate use of postal codes is crucial for various services beyond just mail delivery. It aids in the organization of courier services, emergency services, and even the planning and implementation of public utilities and infrastructure projects. For residents and businesses in Minna L.G.A., understanding and utilizing the correct postal codes is vital for smooth communication and operational efficiency.

All the locations within the town make use of different postal or zip codes.

Below are all the postal codes for Minna:

Sabon Gari

LocationPostal Code
Abdu St.920211
Bida Rd.920211
Bosso Rd.920211
Kontagora Rd.920211
Kuta Rd.920211
Lafia Rd.920211
Lapai Rd.920211
Market Rd.920211
Mosque Rd.920211
Palace Rd.920211
Sokoto Rd.920211
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Airport Kwangila

LocationPostal Code
Abdullahi Kure Rd.920271
Ahmadu Bahago Rd.920271
Airport Rd.920271
Bola Shamaki Rd.920271
Bosso Rd.920271
Bulus Dauda Rd.920271
Hospital Rd.920271
Oibrahim Aliyu Rd.920271
Hebba Rd.920271
Kwangila Rd.920271
Lagos Rd.920271
Muazu Rd.920271
Shehu Musa Rd.920271
Yoruba Rd.920271
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Barkin sale

LocationPostal Code
Abubakar Doko Rd.920241
Adnmeri Rd.920241
Bawa Paiko Rd.920241
Cega Kuta Rd.920241
David Market Rd.920241
Isa Dan Idi Rd.920241
Kauna Rd.920241
Kawuku Rd.920241
Musa M. Rd.920241
Railway Station Rd.920241
S. Bala Kuta Rd.920241
Shehu Kangiwa Rd.920241
Yusuf Kolawole Rd.920241
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Bosso Dutsin Kura

LocationPostal Code
Ahmadu Bahago Rd.920281
Ango Rd.920281
Aukuta Rd.920281
Ibrahim Aliyu Rd.920281
Okada Rd.920281
Saidu Yabaga Rd.920281
Zaria Rd.920281
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Koida Kura

LocationPostal Code
Airport Rd.920272
Jebba Rd.920272
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River Basin Authority

LocationPostal Code
Aukuta Rd.920282
Zungeru Rd.920282
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Tungan Chanchaga

LocationPostal Code
Bawa Paiko Rd.920242
Suleja Rd.920242
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LocationPostal Code
Bida Rd.920252
Bawa Paiko Rd.920252
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LocationPostal Code
Bida Rd.920262
Jebba Rd.920262
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Ahmadu Banagu

LocationPostal Code
Bosso Rd.920212
Northern By Pass920212
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Maitumbi Gwadai

LocationPostal Code
Bosso Rd.920221
David Market Rd.920221
Gwada Rd.920221
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Tungan Alade

LocationPostal Code
Bosso Rd.920231
Samaila Musa Rd.920231
Tungan Goro920231
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Collage of Education

LocationPostal Code
Bosso Rd.920232
Tunga Goro920232
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LocationPostal Code
Gwada Rd.920222
Kaduna Rd.920222
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