Olute/Navy Town Postal Code (Zip Code) – Lagos State

Olute/Navy town is a location within the city of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria. It contains several streets that make use of the same postal or zip code.

Here are the streets in Jibowu and their postal code:

LocationPostal Code
1st Rd St.102341
2nd Ave St.102341
2nd Rd St.102341
4th Rd St.102341
5th Rd St.102341
7th Rd St.102341
8th Rd St.102341
Adarani St. St.102341
Adeola St St.102341
Alahma Osunb St.102341
Alh. Baruwa St St.102341
Alh. Sikiru Otunba St St.102341
Balogun St St.102341
Baruwa St St.102341
Cascoat St. St.102341
Ebun Olojede St St.102341
Esietemo St St.102341
Esther Cl. St.102341
Fashiron St St.102341
Ishola St St.102341
Karimu St. St.102341
Lagos Badagry Exp Way St.102341
Moradeyo St St.102341
Muritala St St.102341
Nasiru St St.102341
Navy Town Rd St.102341
Nigeria Navy Barracks St.102341
Sewage Treatment Plant St.102341
Tajundeen Cl. St.102341
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