Tafa LGA Postal Code (Zip Code) – Niger State

Tafa Local Government Area (LGA) is one of the 25 administrative regions within Niger State, Nigeria, known for its diverse cultural heritage, agricultural activities, and strategic significance.

As with any well-organized region, an efficient postal code system is important for ensuring smooth communication, logistics, and administrative operations. Postal codes play a crucial role in the accurate and timely delivery of mail, the organization of services, and the facilitation of commerce.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the postal codes specific to Tafa LGA, offering valuable information for residents, businesses, and postal service providers.

By understanding and utilizing the correct postal codes, stakeholders can enhance the efficiency of mail delivery and support the overall development and connectivity of Tafa LGA within Niger State.

All the districts/ward within the LGA make use of different postal or zip codes.

Below are all the postal codes for Tafa:

LocationPostal Code
New Bwari910103
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