Abaji LGA Postal Code (Zip Code) – Abuja (FCT)

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Nigeria, housing the capital city Abuja, relies on an organized postal code system to facilitate efficient mail delivery and streamline logistical operations. Within the FCT, various Local Government Areas (LGAs) are allocated unique postal codes, ensuring accurate addressing for residents and businesses.

Abaji LGA, located in the southwestern part of the FCT, has its own designated postal code to assist in mail sorting and delivery. The primary postal code for Abaji LGA is 970001. This code encompasses the town of Abaji and its surrounding areas, including villages and settlements. With the correct postal code, residents and businesses in Abaji LGA can ensure that their mail reaches its intended recipients promptly and accurately, supporting effective communication and commerce within the region.

Abaji comprises two districts, Abaji and Yaba, within the Federal Capital Territory, forming one of its six Local Councils.

  1. Abaji district: All areas located within Abaji district make use of 950101 as their postal code. You can find out more about this in the table outlined below.
  2. Yaba district: See all Yaba district postal code HERE.

The district has several locations/streets that make use of the same postal or zip code. Below are the streets in Abaji district with their postal codes:

LocationPostal Code
Nah. Tosho905101
Nahalati Sabo905101
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Yaba District Postal Code (Zip Code) Abaji – Abuja (FCT)

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