Agbor Postal Code (Zip Code) – Delta State

Agbor, a historic and culturally rich town in Delta State, Nigeria, is known for its strategic location, vibrant community, and significant contributions to the state’s economy and cultural heritage. As the administrative headquarters of Ika South Local Government Area (LGA), Agbor serves as a central hub for commerce, education, and social activities within the region.

Efficient communication and logistical systems are essential to support the town’s dynamic environment, and an organized postal code system is crucial for ensuring the accurate and timely delivery of mail and packages.

Postal codes, also referred to as zip codes in some regions, are numerical identifiers assigned to specific geographic areas to streamline the sorting and delivery of mail. In Agbor, having access to the correct postal codes is vital for residents, businesses, and service providers. These codes help direct correspondence, parcels, and important documents to their precise destinations, reducing delays and enhancing the efficiency of postal services.

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Agbor encompasses various neighborhoods, commercial districts, and residential areas, each with its own unique postal code. Key areas within Agbor, such as Boji-Boji, Alihame, and Abavo, have designated postal codes that facilitate effective mail distribution and logistical planning. Understanding and using these postal codes correctly is essential for improving communication, supporting local businesses, and ensuring the smooth operation of administrative processes.

In this article, we will provide a detailed overview of the postal codes assigned to different locations within Agbor town. By familiarizing yourself with these codes, you can ensure that your mail and packages are delivered accurately and promptly. Whether you are a resident sending a letter to a friend, a business receiving supplies, or a service provider managing logistics, knowing the correct postal codes for Agbor is crucial for maintaining efficient and effective communication and operations.

Below are all the postal codes for Areas within Agbor.

Boli-Boji Owa

LocationPostal Code
Abraka Rd.321251
Alika St.321251
Buzugbe St.321251
Convent St.321251
Efezomor St.321251
Good St.321251
Hausa St.321251
Melekwe St.321251
Morka St.321251
Obaigbena St.321251
Obiazikwo St.321251
Ojokpolor St.321251
Okobi St.321251
Okosome St.321251
Opiah St.321251
Osaze St.321251
Osian St.321251
Owanta St.321251
Ugbaja St.321251
Umeri St.321251
Tete St.321251

Boji-Boji Agbor

LocationPostal Code
Abuda St.321211
Abude St.321211
Aghaku St.321211
Akpenyin St.321211
Apokweze St.321211
Baleke St.321211
Benzuaye St.321211
Catholic St.321211
Charles St.321211
Dibie St.321211
Egun St.321211
Gbinoba St.321211
Hill St.321211
Iduwe St.321211
Imudia St.321211
Iregwa St.321211
Isede St.321211
Mariere St.321211
Modi St.321211
Oden St.321211
Odozi St.321211
Ogbemudein St.321211
Ojiefo St.321211
Okoh St.321211
Osegi St.321211
Prof. John Ebie St.321211
Queen St.321211
Umudien St.321211
Upper Queen Ln.321211
White St.321211

Alibuba Quarters

LocationPostal Code
New Benin321281
Old Lagos321281
Oroghodo River321281


LocationPostal Code
Old Lagos Asaba Rd.321271
Sakpoba Rd.321271
Warri/Uromi Rd.321271
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