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Akuru Toru Local Government Area (LGA) is one of the twenty-three (23) most significant and rapidly developing regions within Rivers State, Nigeria. Located in the metropolitan area of Port Harcourt, Akuru Toru is a vibrant hub of commercial activities, educational institutions, residential neighborhoods, and industrial zones. The LGA plays a crucial role in the socio-economic landscape of Rivers State, contributing substantially to its growth and development.

To support the diverse and dynamic activities within Akuru Toru, efficient communication and logistical systems are essential, and a well-organized postal code system is fundamental for ensuring accurate and timely delivery of mail and packages.

Postal codes, also known as zip codes in some regions, are numerical identifiers assigned to specific geographic areas to facilitate the sorting and delivery of mail. In Akuru Toru LGA, having access to the correct postal codes is vital for residents, businesses, and service providers. These codes help direct letters, parcels, and important documents to their exact destinations, thereby minimizing delays and enhancing the efficiency of postal services.

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Akuru Toru LGA encompasses various neighborhoods, residential areas, and commercial districts, each with its unique postal code. Understanding and using these postal codes correctly is essential for improving communication, supporting local businesses, and ensuring the smooth operation of administrative processes.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the postal codes assigned to different locations within Akuru Toru LGA. By familiarizing yourself with these codes, you can ensure that your mail and packages are delivered accurately and promptly. Whether you are a resident sending a letter to a family member, a business receiving supplies, or a service provider managing logistics, knowing the correct postal codes for Akuru Toru is crucial for mainAkuru Toruning efficient and effective communication and operations.

Locations within the LGA make use of the same postal code.

Here’s the postcode for areas in Akuru Toru:

LocationPostal Code
Elem Sangama504103
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