Apapa Postal Code (Zip Code) – Lagos State

Apapa is a location within the city of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria. It is divided into Apapa Central, Apapa North, Apapa South, and Apapa West.

All the aforementioned districts contain several locations that make use of different postal or zip codes.

Below are all the postal codes for Apapa:

Apapa South

LocationPostal Code
Marine beach St.101253
Ijora Cause Way St.101253
Dock yard Road St.101253
Kayode Street St.101253
Sapara Street St.101253
Esugbeji Street St.101253
Agbebi street St.101253
Brass Street St.101253
Bonny Street St.101253
Church Hill Police St.101253
Malu road St.101253
Fusi Barracks St.101253
P&T Qurts St.101253
NRC Qrts St.101253
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Apapa West

LocationPostal Code
Liver Pool Road St.101254
Azare Crescent St.101254
Danfodio Road St.101254
Ogedengbe Road St.101254
Obanta Street St.101254
Lisabi Road St.101254
Bristol Road St.101254
Lander Close St.101254
Idganran Road St.101254
Criwtger Crescent St.101254
Pycroft Road St.101254
Emotan Street St.101254
Park Lane St.101254
Parl Close St.101254
Child Close St.101254
Child Avenue St.101254
Pour road St.101254
North Avenue St.101254
Central Avenue St.101254
Maybin Road St.101254
Barracks road St.101254
Robbinson Close St.101254
Marin Road St.101254
Ashabi Adedire Str. St.101254
Sebanjo St.101254
Close St.101254
Badagry Road St.101254
Iseyin road St.101254
Yala Close St.101254
Degema Close St.101254
Hall Lane St.101254
Barthurst Road St.101254
Dakar Street St.101254
Oranyan Road St.101254
Focados street St.101254
Hinderer Street St.101254
Takoradi St.101254
Free Town road St.101254
Oladipo Oluwole Rd. St.101254
Oduduwa Road St.101254
Shosilva Street St.101254
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Apapa North

Areas located within Apapa North make use of 101252 as their postal or zip code.

Apapa Central

Location Postal Code
Payne Crescent St.101251
Duala Rd./ Abrahan Adesanya St.101251
Cameron Road St.101251
Calcutta Crescent St.101251
Kofo Abayomi Str. St.101251
Adele Road St.101251
Ibikunle Akintoye Str. St.101251
Bombay Crescent St.101251
Randle Road St.101251
Ede Road St.101251
Pelewura Crescent St.101251
Pelewura Way St.101251
Omode Lane St.101251
Rhode Crescent St.101251
Itapeju Street St.101251
Bauchi Road St.101251
Anjorin Market St.101251
Olofin Road St.101251
Ashanti Road St.101251
Akure Street St.101251
Mushin Lane St.101251
Amusement Park St.101251
Oniru Street St.101251
Ibiere Crescent St.101251
Caul Crick Crescent St.101251
Ado Avenue St.101251
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