Asokoro Postal Code (Zip Code) – Abuja (FCT)

If you’re in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), and you’re wondering about the postal code for Asokoro, you’re in the right place. Asokoro is a prominent district in Abuja, known for its upscale residential areas and diplomatic presence. When it comes to postal codes, Asokoro has a specific one assigned to it for mail sorting and delivery purposes.

The postal code for Asokoro in Abuja is 900231. This unique code helps postal workers identify the exact location for any mail or package sent to Asokoro. Whether you’re sending a letter, a parcel, or any other mail item, including the correct postal code ensures that it reaches its destination without delay.

Residents, businesses, and visitors in Asokoro rely on this postal code to ensure smooth and efficient mail delivery. It’s an important part of communication and logistics in the area, helping to streamline the process of sending and receiving mail in Asokoro and the broader Abuja (FCT) region.

Asokoro has several locations/streets that make use of same postal code.

Below is a list of streets you can find in Asokoro with their postal codes:

LocationPostal Code
Ajayi Crowder St.900231
Akenzua St.900231
Ali Akihi Cr.900231
Anwar Sadat St.900231
Dennis Osadebe St.900231
El-Emi St.900231
Gandhi St.900231
Ibrahim Taiwo St.900231
Jesse Jackson St.900231
Jimmy Cater St.900231
King Faisal St.900231
Kofo Abayomi St.900231
Lo Luga St.900231
Maitama Sule St.900231
Malcom Farser St.900231
Margret Thatcher St.900231
Martin Luther Cr.900231
Modibo Adana Cr.900231
Oliver Tambo St.900231
Queen Amina St.900231
Queen Elizabeth St.900231
Queen Ida St.900231
RAB Dikko Road Rd.900231
Rwang Pam St.900231
Shehu Shagari Way900231
Suleiman Barau Cr.900231
Tito Bros St.900231
Ukpabi Asika St.900231
Usman Danfodio Cr.900231
Winston Churchill St.900231
Yakubu Gowon Cr.900231
Abdou Diouf Cr.900231
Akan Ibiam St.900231
Amaddu Ahidjo St.900231
Biogny St.900231
Desmond Tutu St.900231
Eyedema St.900231
Halle Sallasie St.900231
Inner Southern Express Way900231
Jomo Kenyatta St.900231
Joshua Nkonwo St.900231
Julius Nyerere Cr.900231
Kenneth Kaunda St.900231
Kwame Nkurma Cr.900231
Loius Edet St.900231
Mathew Kerekou St.900231
Murtala Mohammed Way900231
Musa Traore Cr.900231
Nelson Mandala St.900231
Patrice Lumimuba St.900231
Robert Mugabe St.900231
Sebghor St.900231
Siaka Stevens St.900231
Thomas Sankara St.900231
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