Bakassi LGA Postal Code (Zip Code) – Cross River

Bakassi Local Government Area (LGA) is one of the administrative regions within Cross River State, Nigeria. Known for its rich cultural heritage, agricultural productivity, and vibrant communities, Bakassi LGA plays a pivotal role in the socio-economic landscape of the state. The LGA has several districts which all have different postal codes.

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As with any region, effective postal services are crucial for facilitating communication, commerce, and efficient administrative operations. Postal codes, in particular, are an essential element of this system, ensuring that mail and packages are accurately sorted and delivered to their intended destinations.

In this comprehensive article, we delve into the postal codes specific to Bakassi LGA, providing valuable information for residents, businesses, and postal service providers. Understanding the correct postal codes not only aids in efficient mail delivery but also supports various logistical and administrative functions, contributing to the overall development and connectivity of Bakassi LGA within Cross River State.

See difference between Postal code and Zip code HERE.

Below are all the postal codes for Bakassi LGA:


LocationPostal Code
Obot Udo541106
Obot Urua541106
Ndom Nyam541106
Obot Urua Mbiabo541106
Nkitto-Obot Okpo541106
Obufa Obio Ukem541106
Ofong Okurusa541106
Nta Ikot Offiong Ede541106
Nta Obo541106
Okpo Ikpa541106
Nyom Idibi541106
Obot Akpang541106
ONG 541107541106
Obot Etubom541106
Obot Eyho541106
Ovufa Obio Ukan541106
Obot Eyo541106
Ukem Okoyong-Ekenge541106
Obot Idim Nyoyok541106
Usang Abani541106
Obot Inyang541106
Usun Akin Akim541106
Obot Iyang541106
Usung Obot541106
Obot Oko541106
Uyin Ekon541106
Ikiot Offiong Ebe541106
Ikot Etim541106
Ikot Udo541106
Ikot Abasi Eyo541106
Ikot Ewa Otu541106
Ikot Ukpa541106
Ndom Itu541106
Ikot Antigha Ado541106
Ikot Eyo541106
Ikot Asako541106
Ikot Eyo Abasi Itam541106
Inua Akpa541106
Ikot Asido Otu541106
Ikot Eyo Okon541106
Ikot Aye Eyo541106
Ikot Ibok Eyo541106
Iso Inyang Ikpa541106
Ikot Efa541106
Ikot Ikang541106
Isong Inyang541106
Ikot Effiong Otop541106
Ikot Mesembe541106
Isong Inyang Ene541106
Ikot Efiok Eyo541106
Ikot Mfuho541106
Isong Inyang Eyo541106
Ikot Efiok-Ekpenyong541106
Ikot Mkpanam (Akpane)541106
Isong Inyang Ufak541106
Ikot Ekong541106
Ikot Mkpang541106
Isong Inyang-Akpamfrukin541106
Ikot Enembe541106
Ikot Nameti Otu541106
Isong Inynag541106
Ikot Eneokon541106
Ikot Ntung541106
Mbambori Ikot Ma541106
Ikot Eno541106
Ikot Obongeno541106
Ikot Essien541106
Ikot Okon Akabom541106
Ikot Esu541106
Ikot Otudor541106
Mbiabo Ikoneto541106
Efuk Ifako541106
Ada Iba541106
Ekong Atan Oku541106
Adana Mbaibo541106
Ekot Antigha Udo541106
Adiabo Akani Obio541106
Ekot Efiok Eyo541106
Adun Mbiabo541106
Ekpenyang Eyo541106
Akani Obio Ukem541106
Ekpri Iyoki541106
Ekwa Iyoke541106
Akwa Efe541106
Akwa Iyoke541106
Esku Ikot Itam541106
Akwa Obio Inwang541106
Esuk Akwa Obio541106
Atan Oku541106
Esuk Obot Inyang541106
Ebe Akpo541106
Etak Okono541106
Edik Iko541106
Ibonda Town541106
Edit Iko Ekpo-541106
Edit Ikpa Eman541106

Odot Edion

LocationPostal Code
Obot Nunuene541110
Akpa Ita541110
Obot Obio541110
Akwa Ekim541110
Obot Obot Eyanba541110
Akwa Ikot541110
Odot Uyi541110
Anwa Ibok541110
Ottong Ediong541110
Atan Odot541110
Usung Odot541110
Edem Adua541110
Ekime Mfuk541110
Ekimi Ebebit541110
Esit Ikot541110
Esuk Edem541110
Esuk Odot541110
Ndon Nwong541110
Obio Asim541110
Obot Inwang541110
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