Garki Rural Area Postal Code (Zip Code) – Abuja (FCT)

Garki, a rural area nestled within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Nigeria, boasts its own unique postal code, also known as a zip code. This postal code system helps in accurately identifying locations for efficient mail delivery. In Garki, the postal code is commonly referred to as 900104. This code acts as a precise locator for the area, ensuring that mail reaches its intended destination without delays.

Residents and businesses in Garki rely on this postal code to send and receive mail, whether it’s letters, parcels, or important documents. Understanding and using the correct postal code is important for seamless communication and logistics within the community. With the designated postal code, individuals can rest assured that their mail will be delivered promptly and accurately, contributing to the smooth functioning of everyday life in Garki.

In conclusion, the Garki rural area postal code, 900104, plays a vital role in facilitating mail delivery and communication within the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. By using this postal code correctly, residents and businesses in Garki can ensure that their mail reaches its destination efficiently, contributing to the overall connectivity and convenience of the community.

Garki is divided into 9 Areas, namely: Area 1, Area 2, Area 3, Area 7, Area 8, Area 9, Area 10, Area 11, and Garki Rurual Areas.

Below is a list of streets you can find in Garki Rural Area with their postal codes:

Garki rural areas

Location              Postcode
Abacha Barracks900104
Durumi I900104
Durumi II900104
Durumi III900104
Garki Village900104
NEPA Village900104
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