Isale Eko Postal Code (Zip Code) – Lagos State

Isale Eko is a location within the city of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria. It contains several streets that make use of the same postal or zip code.

Here are the streets in Isale Eko and their postal code:

LocationPostal Code
Adenji Adele Road101226
Olugbani Street St.101226
Olugbani Lane St.101226
Disu Street St.101226
Ogunmade Lane St.101226
Agbo Olokun Court St.101226
Alaran Street St.101226
Iduntafa Street St.101226
Tokosi Lane St.101226
Iduntafa Lane St.101226
Iduntafa Court St.101226
Oluwa Court St.101226
Oripasan Street St.101226
Oripasan Court St.101226
Jinadu Lane St.101226
Ehin Iga Street St.101226
Misa Lane St.101226
Asesi Lane St.101226
Alaran Lane St.101226
Sasi Lane St.101226
Idumoyinbo Street St.101226
Suenu Lane St.101226
Suenu Street St.101226
Oki/Iwade St St.101226
Egobse Street St.101226
Bajulu Street St.101226
Idi Omo Street St.101226
Onikate Court St.101226
Onikate Lane St.101226
Ita Omo Street St.101226
Erelu Street St.101226
Erelu Lane St.101226
Onisiwo Court St.101226
Pelewura Market St.101226
Iga Okuta Street St.101226
Iga Okuta Court St.101226
Oja Oba Market St.101226
Barnaba Gemade Estate St.101226
Teslim Elias Primary School St.101226
Olugbani Square St.101226
Iga Idugangan Street St.101226
Orisan Street St.101226
Ashogbon Street St.101226
Imaro Street St.101226
Alagbeji Street St.101226
Onigemo Street St.101226
Onilegbale Street St.101226
Esiogolo Street St.101226
Aiyeomosan Street St.101226
Onilegbale Lane St.101226
Esiogbolo Street St.101226
Akinlolu Court St.101226
Ita Ado Street St.101226
Ehinga Street St.101226
Shashere Court St.101226
Idewuba Court St.101226
Idumoba Lane St.101226
Bajulaiye Lane St.101226
Okiti Lane St.101226
Okiti Court St.101226
Oguniro Lane St.101226
Eletu Odibo Court St.101226
Abijoh Court St.101226
Onimole Lane St.101226
Onimole Court St.101226
Onimole St St.101226
Church St St.101226
Somade Lane St.101226
Ajebade Lane St.101226
Nukun Lane St.101226
Akapo Street St.101226
Ojubukun Court St.101226
Ojuyewa Lane St.101226
Agodokome Street St.101226
Alubomimu Lane St.101226
Adeniji Adele Road lower ( 43 58) St.101226
Adeniji Dele St.101226
Road upper (142 160) St.101226
Adeniji Adele Lche Phase i St.101226
Adeniji Adele Lche Phase ii St.101226
Adeniji Adele Lche Phase iii St.101226
Adeniji Adele Lche Phase iv St.101226
Central Police Station St.101226
Adeniji Adele St.101226
Thomas Street St.101226
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