lfe Central LGA Postal Code (Zip Code) – Osun State

lfe Central Local Government Area (LGA) is one of the thirty (30) prominent administrative regions within Osun State, Nigeria. Renowned for its vibrant community, cultural heritage, and economic activities, lfe Central LGA plays a significant role in the overall development of Osun State.

lfe Central is made up of several towns, villages, and districts that make use of different postal codes. Its headquarters is located in the town of Ile Ife.

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Understanding the postal code system within this area is crucial for efficient mail delivery, logistics, and various administrative functions. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the postal code for lfe Central LGA, offering valuable insights for residents, businesses, and postal service providers. By accurately utilizing the designated postal code, individuals and organizations can ensure smooth communication and seamless operation of services within lfe Central LGA.

Below are all the postal codes for Ife Central:


LocationPostal Code
Adegoke Ave.220212
Adsina St.220212
Alasola St.220212
Fajuyi Rd.220212
Fawole St.220212
Ibokun St.220212
Igboya St.220212
Irede St.220212
Kayode St.220212
More Rd.220212
Olonde St.220212
Oluwalose St.220212
Sabo Rd.220212
Sijuade Nursery St.220212
Stadium Rd.220212
Akindoyin St.220212
Awoyewaje St.220212
Catholic Rd.220212
Eleyele Layout St.220212
Lagere St.220212
Mayfair Hotel Rd.220212
Olaolu St.220212
Parakin Obalufe Layo220212
WASCO St.220212
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LocationPostal Code
Adewole Gelekon St.220211
Ajamopo St.220211
Aku Ln.220211
Deremi St.220211
Emindi St.220211
Gbedegbade St.220211
Idena St.220211
Iddo St.220211
Ilare St.220211
Iredumi St.220211
Lokore St.220211
Moremi St.220211
Odo Ogbe St.220211
Oduduwa College St.220211
Oke Atan St.220211
Okun St.220211
Oloalogun St.220211
Oloo St.220211
Olusosi St.220211
Out Elewe St.220211
Owopetu St.220211
Pedro St.220211
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LocationPostal Code
Agric Rd.220282
Ede Rd.220282
Sabo Rd.220282
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Oranmiyan Shrine

LocationPostal Code
Ala Rd. Rd.220242
Araromi St. St.220242
Ita-Agbon St. St.220242
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LocationPostal Code
Alasola St.220213
Ilesha Rd220213
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LocationPostal Code
Arubidi St.220241
Awosika St.220241
Esinnale St.220241
Ogudu Rd.220241
Ondo Rd.220241
Pedro St.220241
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LocationPostal Code
Ateki Rd.220222
Ilesha Rd.220222
More St.220222
K. S. Lawal Ave.220222
Town Planning Rd.220222
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LocationPostal Code
Awominure St.220221
Aworise St.220221
Iddo St.220221
Lokore St.220221
Mokuro St.220221
More St.220221
Omitoto Ln. 2220221
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LocationPostal Code
Aworise St.220231
Ayegbaju Oremiro St.220231
Ifedapo St.220231
Odeleye St.220231
Odi Olowow St.220231
Ogudu Rd.220231
Oke Ogbo St.220231
Olusoji St.220231
Omitoto Ln. 1220231
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Aba Coker

LocationPostal Code
Babalola St. St.220272
Ede Rd. Rd.220272
Foloju St. St.220272
Old Ibadan Rd. Rd.220272
Osunmola Cl. Cl.220272
Rd. I Rd. 1220272
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LocationPostal Code
Doremi St.220271
Ita Agbon St.220271
Lagere St.220271
Luwere St.220271
Obalujegbe St.220271
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