List of Countries in Africa, Sub Regions & Population

How many countries are in Africa?

According to a report from the United Nations, there are a total of about 54 countries in Africa today. Below, I will share a complete list of all countries in Africa, including their current population and subregion (based on the United Nations official statistics).

Countries in Africa
countries in africa

However, Not included in this total of “countries” and listed separately are:

  • Dependencies (or dependent territories, dependent areas)
  • Areas of Special Sovereignty (autonomous territories)
1Nigeria200,962,417Western Africa
2Ethiopia110,135,635Eastern Africa
3Egypt101,168,745Northern Africa
4DR Congo86,727,573Middle Africa
5Tanzania60,913,557Eastern Africa
6South Africa58,065,097Southern Africa
7Kenya52,214,791Eastern Africa
8Uganda45,711,874Eastern Africa
9Algeria42,679,018Northern Africa
10Sudan42,514,094Northern Africa
11Morocco36,635,156Northern Africa
12Angola31,787,566Middle Africa
13Mozambique31,408,823Eastern Africa
14Ghana30,096,970Western Africa
15Madagascar26,969,642Eastern Africa
16Côte d’Ivoire25,531,083Western Africa
17Cameroon25,312,993Middle Africa
18Niger23,176,691Western Africa
19Burkina Faso20,321,560Western Africa
20Malawi19,718,743Eastern Africa
21Mali19,689,140Western Africa
22Zambia18,137,369Eastern Africa
23Zimbabwe17,297,495Eastern Africa
24Senegal16,743,859Western Africa
25Chad15,814,345Middle Africa
26Somalia15,636,171Eastern Africa
27Guinea13,398,180Western Africa
28South Sudan13,263,184Eastern Africa
29Rwanda12,794,412Eastern Africa
30Benin11,801,595Western Africa
31Tunisia11,783,168Northern Africa
32Burundi11,575,964Eastern Africa
33Togo8,186,384Western Africa
34Sierra Leone7,883,123Western Africa
35Libya6,569,864Northern Africa
36Congo5,542,197Middle Africa
37Eritrea5,309,659Eastern Africa
38Liberia4,977,720Western Africa
39Central African Republic4,825,711Middle Africa
40Mauritania4,661,149Western Africa
41Namibia2,641,996Southern Africa
42Botswana2,374,636Southern Africa
43Lesotho2,292,682Southern Africa
44Gambia2,228,075Western Africa
45Gabon2,109,099Middle Africa
46Guinea-Bissau1,953,723Western Africa
47Swaziland1,415,414Southern Africa
48Equatorial Guinea1,360,104Middle Africa
49Mauritius1,271,368Eastern Africa
50Djibouti985,690Eastern Africa
51Comoros850,910Eastern Africa
52Cabo Verde560,349Western Africa
53Sao Tome & Principe213,379Middle Africa
54Seychelles95,702Eastern Africa

The official number of countries in Africa is 54.

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