List of Local Government Areas in Anambra State with Headquarters

Anambra State, located in southeastern Nigeria, is divided into several Local Government Areas (LGAs) for administrative purposes. These LGAs serve as the grassroots units of governance, responsible for delivering important services and implementing development programs at the local level. Here is a comprehensive list of all the LGAs in Anambra State, along with their headquarters:

Anambra has 21 Local Government Areas (LGAs), each with its own unique characteristics and attributes. These LGAs play a crucial role in the governance and administration of the state. Here is a list of the 21 Local Government Areas in Anambra State:

  1. Aguata LGA
  2. Awka North LGA
  3. Awka South LGA
  4. Anambra East LGA
  5. Anambra West LGA
  6. Anaocha LGA
  7. Ayamelum LGA
  8. Dunukofia LGA
  9. Ekwusigo LGA
  10. Idemili North LGA
  11. Idemili South LGA
  12. Ihiala LGA
  13. Njikoka LGA
  14. Nnewi North LGA
  15. Nnewi South LGA
  16. Ogbaru LGA
  17. Onitsha North LGA
  18. Onitsha South LGA
  19. Orumba North LGA
  20. Orumba South LGA
  21. Oyi LGA

List of Anambra State 21 Local Government Areas with their Headquarters

Local Government AreaHeadquarters
Anambra EastNzam
Anambra WestOtuocha
Awka NorthAchalla
Awka SouthAwka
Idemili NorthOgidi
Idemili SouthNnewi
Nnewi NorthNnewi
Nnewi SouthOzubulu
Onitsha NorthOnitsha
Onitsha SouthFegge
Orumba NorthAjalli
Orumba SouthUmunze
Anambra State Local Government Areas with Headquarters

Each of these LGAs has a unique headquarters where administrative activities take place. These headquarters serve as the central locations for local government operations, including the offices of the LGA chairpersons, councilors, and other administrative staff.

It is important to note that the LGAs in Anambra State are dynamic entities, and changes may occur over time due to administrative restructuring or the creation of new LGAs. It is advisable to consult updated official sources for the most accurate and current information.

For further details on each LGA in Anambra State, you can visit the official website of the Anambra State Government at or the Anambra State Local Government Service Commission website at

Understanding the LGAs and their headquarters is important for effective governance, planning, and development in Anambra State. The local government system plays a crucial role in bringing government closer to the people and addressing the specific needs and aspirations of local communities.

By having a clear knowledge of the LGAs and their headquarters, residents, researchers, and policymakers can better understand the social, economic, and political landscape of Anambra State, leading to more informed decision-making and targeted development initiatives.

Anambra State Snapshot

  • Total land area: 4,865 Km2
  • Capital: Awka
  • Population: 5,846,198 (Male- 2,981,561 and Female- 2,864,637)
  • Vegetation: Tropical rainforest
  • Major crops: Oil Palm, Rice, Citrus fruits, Maize, Cassava.
  • Solid minerals: Kaolin, Limestone, Lead, Iron-Ore, Gypsum, Lignite.

There are four agricultural zones in Anambra state: Awka, Anambra, Aguata, and Onitsha.

Main Investment Opportunities

Opportunities for investment exist in:

  • Agribusiness
  • Auto components
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Tourism
  • Energy
  • Mining

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on the knowledge cutoff of January 2024. Please verify with official sources for any recent updates or changes.


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