List of Local Government Areas in Bayelsa State with Headquarters

Bayelsa State is located in the southern part of Nigeria and is made up of eight Local Government Areas (LGAs). Each LGA is headed by an elected Chairman and has its administrative headquarters. Here is a comprehensive list of all the LGAs in Bayelsa State, along with their respective headquarters.

Bayelsa State Snapshot

  • Total land area: 9,059 Km2
  • Capital: Yenagoa
  • Population: 1,704,515 (Male- 874,083 and Female- 830,432)
  • Vegetation: Mangrove and Rain Forest
  • Major crops: Cocoa, Rice, Cassava, Pineapple, Oil Palm, Rubber, Banana, Maize.
  • Solid minerals: Clay, Silica, Limestone.

Main Investment Opportunities

Opportunities for investment exist in:

  • Agribusiness
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Tourism
  • Energy
  • Mining
  • Transportation

Bayelsa has 8 Local Government Areas (LGAs), each with its own unique characteristics and attributes. These LGAs play a crucial role in the governance and administration of the state. Here is a list of the 8 Local Government Areas in Bayelsa State:

  1. Brass LGA
  2. Ekeremor LGA
  3. Kolokuma/Opokuma LGA
  4. Nembe LGA
  5. Ogbia LGA
  6. Sagbama LGA
  7. Southern Ijaw LGA
  8. Yenagoa LGA

List of Bayelsa State 8 Local Government Areas with their Headquarters

Local Government Area (LGA)Headquarters
Brass LGATwon-Brass
Ekeremor LGAEkeremor
Kolokuma/Opokuma LGAKaiama
Nembe LGANembe
Ogbia LGAOgbia Town
Sagbama LGASagbama
Southern Ijaw LGAOporoma
Yenagoa LGAYenagoa

Let’s take a closer look at each LGA and its headquarters:

  1. Brass LGA: The headquarters of Brass LGA is located in Twon-Brass. It is situated on the coast and is known for its rich cultural heritage and beautiful beaches.
  2. Ekeremor LGA: Ekeremor serves as the administrative headquarters of Ekeremor LGA. The area is known for its oil and gas resources and is home to several oil companies.
  3. Kolokuma/Opokuma LGA: Kaiama is the headquarters of Kolokuma/Opokuma LGA. It is a peaceful town located in the heart of the state, known for its agricultural activities and scenic landscapes.
  4. Nembe LGA: Nembe LGA has its headquarters in Nembe town. The area is known for its historic significance, as it was one of the earliest centers of trade and contact between Europeans and the Niger Delta region.
  5. Ogbia LGA: Ogbia Town serves as the administrative headquarters of Ogbia LGA. It is the hometown of former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and is known for its rich cultural heritage.
  6. Sagbama LGA: The headquarters of Sagbama LGA is located in Sagbama town. It is a vibrant and rapidly developing town with a strong agricultural base and is also home to several educational institutions.
  7. Southern Ijaw LGA: Oporoma is the headquarters of Southern Ijaw LGA. The area is known for its riverine communities and is one of the largest LGAs in Bayelsa State.
  8. Yenagoa LGA: Yenagoa, the capital city of Bayelsa State, is the administrative headquarters of Yenagoa LGA. It is a bustling city with modern infrastructure, commercial activities, and government institutions.

For more detailed information about each LGA, you can visit the official website of the Bayelsa State Government here.

Understanding the Local Government Areas and their headquarters is important for effective governance, service delivery, and community development. The LGAs play a crucial role in ensuring that the needs and aspirations of the people are met at the grassroots level.

Languages Spoken in Bayelsa Local Government Areas

Below is the list of Languages in Bayelsa State listed by LGA:

1.BrassAbureni, Southeast Ijo, Ogbia, Kugbo
3.Kolokuma OpokumaKolokuma
4.NembeAbureni, Nembe, Ijaw
5.OgbiaAbureni, Southeast Ijo, Odual, Ogbia, Oruma
6.SagbamaBuseni, Isokko, Izon, Ogbah, Okodia, Urhobo
7.Southern IjawSoutheast Ijo, Izon
8.YenagoaEngenni, Epie-Atissa, Izon, Ekpeye

The languages of the Ijaw are widely spoken in Bayelsa State, along with Isoko and Urhobo. The state is also the ancestral home of the Urhobo people in the Sagbama local government area.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on the knowledge cutoff of January 2024. Please verify with official sources for any recent updates or changes.

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