List Of Post Offices In Abia State, Nigeria With Addresses

In the heart of southeastern Nigeria lies Abia State, a region known for its rich cultural heritage, bustling commerce, and vibrant communities. As an integral part of the nation’s postal network, Abia State is home to a network of post offices serving the needs of residents and businesses alike. From urban centers to rural villages, these post offices play a crucial role in facilitating communication, commerce, and administrative services across the state.

This article aims to provide an exhaustive list of post offices in Abia State, complete with their respective addresses. Whether you’re seeking to send mail, receive packages, or access postal services, this resource will serve as a valuable reference point, ensuring that you can easily locate and utilize the post office nearest to you in Abia State, Nigeria.

The following is an address list for each of the Post Offices in Abia State. You can use these addresses to find the nearest post office that is geographically closest to your area. You can find any post office in Abia using Google Maps or by asking someone or a resident about the best route to take to get there.

According to the Nigerian Postal Service, the following is a list of Post Offices found in Abia State.

Post Offices In Abia State, Nigeria With Addresses

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Post OfficeAddressCityLGA
AbaNo. 1 Asa Road AbaAbaAba South
Abia PolyUmuahia road, UmungasiDetacched StudentsOsisioma
AbiribaBy Divisional Police StationAbiribaOhafia
Achara UturuAchara Uturu Markek SquareAchara-UturuIsukwuato
AfugiriOpposite Pry School AfugiriAfugiriUmuahia North
Akanu-ItemAkanu-Item Town squareAkanu-ItemBende
AkweteMkt square AkweteAkweteAba South
AlayiAbiriba Rb AlayiAlayiBende
Amapu NtighaOpp. Market SquareAmapu NtighaIsiala Ngwa North
Ameke-IbekuAmeke Pri. Sch. Ameke Ibeku VillageUmuahiaUmuahia North
AmudaUmumeze Nkwoagu AmudaAmuda CommunityIsukwuato
AniaAnia VillageAniaOhafia
AriamBehind Magistrate Court AriamAriamIkwuano
ArochukwuAgbagwu Village ArochukwuArochukwuArochukwu
Azumiriopp. Afor mkt Azumini LocationAzuminiAba South
BendeInside Bende LGA HqtrsBendeBende
EkenobiziPost office Bus-stop EkenobiziEkenobiziUmuahia North
EluamaEluama VillageEluamaIsuikwuato
Eziama NneatoEke Eziama Market SquareNnento LocationIsukwuato
IgbereIgbere LocationIgbereBende
IhechiowaObinto VillageIhechiowaArochukwu
Imo RiverObigbo RoadAsaAba South
ItemItem VillageItemBende
LokpantaEnugu Road LokpantaLokpantaUmunneochi
MbalaNkwo Mbala Market SquareMbala LocationIsukwuato
NbawsiUmunkolo Rd NbawsiNbawsiIsiala Ngwa North
Ngodo IsuochiUhuru NgodoNgodo IsuochiIsukwuato
Ngwa RdNo 13 Ngwa Rd AbaAbaAba North
NilanOld Umuahia Rd Off Ogbor HillAbaAba South
Nipost HdqrtsWar Meseum Rd UmuUmuaguUmuahia North
NkpaNkpa Near Uzuakoli in Bende LGANkpaBende
Nkwo OkaiugaNkwoegwu Market squareNkwoegwu OkaiugaIkwuano
NsuOreagu Market, NsuNsu LocationEhime Mbano
OboroNdioro Central School OboroOboroIkwuano
Ogbor Hill129 Ogbor Hill AbaAbaAba South
OhafiaArochukwu Rb OhafiaOhafiaOhafia
Ohafia B.OElu OhafiaEbem OhafiaOhafia
Okpuala NgwaOpp. Isialangwa North LGAOkpuala NgwaIsiala Ngwa North
Old Post Office4/5 Ikot-Ekpene RdAbaAba South
Old UmuahiaAffor Ibeji Market SquareOld UmuahiaUmuahia South
OlokoEke Market Square OlokoOlokoIkwuano
OlokoroAhaiaukwu Market Square OlokoroOlokoroUmuahia South
OmobaOmoba LocationOmobaIsiala Ngwa South
OvimOkigwe Rd. OvimOvimIsuikwuato
OwerrintaOwerrinta LocationOwerrintaIsiala Ngwa South
OzuabamOzuabam Market SquareOzu AbamBende
OzuitemOzuitem LocationOzuitemBende
UbakalaApumiri UbakalaApumiriUmuahia South
UmuahiaNo 1 Aba Road UmuaiahUmuahiaUmuahia North
Umuahia B .OLibrary AvenueUmuahiaUmuahia North
Umudike CampusAlon Ikot-Ekpene Rd Umudike Campus MOUAUUmudikeIkwuano
Umungasi177 Aba/Owerri Rd,AbaUmungasiOsisioma
UmunkpeyiOpp. Isialangwa Village HallUmunkpeyiIsiala-Ngwa South
UmuosuOpp. Market SquareUmuosuIsiala-Ngwa North
UturuAfikpo Road Ukwunwangwu, UturuUturu LocationIsukwuato
UzuakoliBehinde Eke Mkt SquareUzuakoliIsuikwuato
World Bank Housing EstateEnugukwu Rd. WBHE UmuWBHE UmuUmuahia North

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