List Of Post Offices In Anambra State, Nigeria With Addresses

In Anambra State, Nigeria, the network of post offices serves as a vital infrastructure supporting communication, commerce, and connectivity within the region. As one of the commercial hubs of Nigeria, Anambra State boasts a diverse array of communities, each with its unique postal needs. From bustling urban centers to remote rural areas, the post office network plays a crucial role in facilitating mail delivery, package handling, and other postal services.

This comprehensive list provides valuable information on the various post offices scattered across Anambra State, including their addresses and contact details. Whether individuals seek to send letters, parcels, or conduct postal transactions, having access to accurate information about post office locations ensures efficient and reliable service. With this resource, residents, businesses, and visitors alike can navigate the postal landscape of Anambra State with ease, fostering greater connectivity and accessibility throughout the region.

The following is an address list for each of the Post Offices in Anambra State. You can use these addresses to find the nearest post office that is geographically closest to your area. You can find any post office in Anambra using Google Maps or by asking someone or a resident about the best route to take to get there.

According to the Nigerian Postal Service, the following is a list of Post Offices found in Anambra State.

List Of Post Offices In Anambra State, Nigeria With Addresses

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Post OfficeAddressCityLGA
AbaganaEnugu/Onitsha by old Rd AbaganaAbaganaNjikoka
AbateteEkeagu Mkt, AbateteAbateteIdemili North
AchallaMbariam/Achalla RoadAchallaAwka North
AchinaEkwulobia/Uga RoadAchinaAguata
Adazi-AniAgulu-Nnewi Road Eke MarketAdazi-AniAnaocha
Adazi-EnuNeni-Ichi Rd Nkwo MarketAdazi-EnuAnaocha
Adazi-NnukwuBeside Ebenghe Petrol Station Agulu-Nnewi RoadAdazi-NnukwuAnaocha
AforigweOld Enugu/ Osha RoadAforigweAnaocha
AguataEkwulobia/Uga RoadEkwulobiaAguata
AguleriNo. 1 Ifensonz StreetAguleriAnambra East
AguluAwka-Ekwuluobia Rd. Nwagu Junction AguluAguluAnaocha
Agulu-UzoigboAgulu-Igboukwu Road Oye MarketAgulu-UzoigboAnaocha
AjalliOko/Umunze RoadAjalliOrumba North
Akili-OgidiUmuejem Akili Ogidi Obodoukwu StreetAkili-OgidiAguata
AkpuMarket Square AkpuAkpuOrumba South
AkwaezeAfor Market Square AkwaezeAkwaezeAnaocha
AlorAlong Akatete Rd Ekebunoyo Village AlorAlorIdemili South
AmaokpalaOko/Umunze RoadAmaokpalaAguata
AmawbiaZik’s Avenue Rd,AmawbiaAmawbiaAwka South
AmesiMarket Square AmesiAmesiAguata
AmichiNnewi/Okigwe Rd okpala Village AmichiAmichiNnewi South
AtaniOnitsha/Ogbaru RoadAtaniOgbaru
AwadaNo. 1 Tony Umeh StreetAwadaIdemili North
AwgbuEke Market Square, Awgbu Unwawulu RdAwgbuOrumba North
AwkaZik’s Avenue RdAwkaAwka South
Awka-EtitiNnobi/ Ibgo-Ukwu Rd umuduru village Awka-EtitiAwka-EtitiIdemili South
AwkuzuAbagana/Awkuzu RoadAwkuzuOyi
AzigboNkwo Market, Amichi Rd AzigboAzigboNnewi South
EbenebeUNIZIK/Mgbaukwu RoadEbenebeAwka North
EkwulumiliNnewi/Okigwe Rd Umudiri Village EkwulumiliEkwulumuliNnewi South
Enugwu-AborEnugwu-Abor by Ufuma Rd JctEnugwu-AborOrumba North
Enugwu-AdaziOye Market Square, Enugwu-AdaziEnugwu-AdaziOrumba North
Enugwu-AgidiEnugwu-Agidi Rd by Onitsha Exp.Rd.Enugwu-AgidiNjikoka
Enugwu-ukwuEnugu/Osha old RdEnugwu-ukwuNjikoka
EzenwaumeEzenwaume village IhialaOraifiteEkwusigo
Ezi-AbbaAbba Junction-AbbaEzi-AbbaNjikoka
EziowelleEke MarketOziowelleIdemili North
EziraOko/Umunze RoadEziraOrumba South
Fed Poly OkoFed. Poly Main CampusOkoOrumba North
Fed Tech Col UmunzeFed. Tech. College Main Campus UmunzeUmunzeOrumba North
FeggeBolingo Road OnitshaFeggeOnitsha South
IchiOld Nnewi/Ionitsha Rd Obinagu Village IchiIchiNnewi South
Ichida****Awka Etiti/Igbo-ukwu RoadIchidaAnaocha
IfitedunuOnyeagu Ifite-Dunu JunctionIfitedunuDunukofia
Ifite-UkpoAbagana-Ifite Ukpor RoadIfite-UkpoDunukofia
Igbo-ukwuAwka Etiti/Ekwolobia RoadIgbo-ukwuAguata
IhialaOnitsha/Owerri RdIhialaIhiala
IhiteMarket Square Okigwe RoadIhiteOrumba South
Isingwu NkporNo. 1 Isingwu StreetIsingwu NkporOyi
IsuloOko/Umunze RoadIsuloOrumba South
IsuofiaIgbo-ukwu/Ekwolobia RoadIsuofiaAguata
MbaukwuAfor Market Square, MbaukwuMgbaukwuAwka South
MgbakwuUnizika-Mgbakwu RoadMgbakwuAwka North
NankaAgulu/Ekwolobia RoadNankaAguata
NawfiaEnugu/Onitsha by old RdNawfiaNjikoka
NawguNawgu Rd by Onitsha Exp RdNawguOyi
NdiokpalezeNdiokpalezeNdiokpalezeOrumba North
NeniNeni Town Hall Oye Market SquareNeniAnaocha
NiboAmawbia / Nibo RoadNiboAwka South
NimoEnugwu ukwu by Nimo RdNimoNjikoka
NiseBehind Nise MarketNiseAwka South
NkporUgbugba, Umuoji Nkpor RdNkporIdemili North
Nkpor B OOnitsha by Express RoadNkporIdemili South
Nkwelle-EzunakaNkwelle-EzunakaNkwelle-EzunakaAnambra West
Nkwo-EzinifiteMbubu, Ifite Village EzinifiteNkwo-EzinifiteNnewi South
NnewiNo. 1 Old Onitsha Rd Nnewi Roundabout NnewiNnewiNnewi North
NnobiAdazi/Nnewi Road, by Alor Market NnobiNnobiIdemili South
NnokwaAdazi/Nnewi Road, Umuide Village, NnokwaNnokwaOrumba North
NriAlong Agulu-Nri Road Eke Market SquareNriAnaocha
NsugbeOgwuari NsugbeNsugbeAnambra East
NtejeNteje-Otuocha RoadNtejeOyi
NzamAfor Mkt Square NzamNzamAnambra West
ObaNnewi/ Onitsha Old Road Amoji Quarter’sObaIdemili South
ObeleduAdazi-Nnukwu-Obeledu Road oye Market SquareObeleduAnaocha
ObosiUruowulu Village ObosiObosiIdemili North
OchanjaNo. 1 Rangers Street OkpokoOchanjaAguata
OdekpeOdekpe Market SquareOdekpeOgbaru
OgboefereOgboefere MarketOgboefereOnitsha South
OgbunikeUkalor AvenueOgbunikeOyi
OgbunkaUmunze/Isuochi RoadOgbunkaOrumba South
OgidiOld Enugwu by Osha RoadOgidiIdemili North
Ogwugwu-obaAnierobi’s Compound by EMI-Bros filling StationOgwgwu ObaOyi
OgwuikpeleUmungasi Village near Igwe’s PalaceOgwuikpeleOnitsha South
OjotoBehind ono Market Square, AlongSt.Paauls Cath.RoadOjotoIdemili South
Ojoto-UnoNnobi Rd by LG Sec. Umuechem Village Ojoto-UnoOjoto-UnoIdemili South
OkijaNnewi/Ihiala RdOkijaIhiala
OkoOko/Ekwolobia RoadOkoOrumba North
OkpokoObodoukwu StreetOkpokoOgbaru
OmorOmor/Adani Road, OmorOmorAyamelum
Onitsha54 Old Mkt Road, OnitshaOnitshaOnitsha North
OraifiteNnewi/Oraifite RdOraifiteIhiala
OraukwuOtta, Nikpuota Road Oye MarketOrakwuIdemili South
OsumenyiNo. 5 Igweumezinwa Obidike Rd Eke Mkt Area, OsumenyiOsumenyiOrumba North
OzubuluNnewi/Ihiala RdOzubuluIhiala
UfumaOko/Umunze RoadUfumaOrumba North
UgaEkwulobia/Uga RoadUgaAguata
UkporUkpor Road by Nnewi/Ihiala RdUkporIhiala
UkwuluUkwulu RoadUkwuluDunukofia
UliOnitsha/Owerri RdUliIhiala
UmuchuOsete UmuchuUmuchuAguata
UmudiokaOld Enugu/ Osha RoadUmudiokaOyi
UmueriAguleri- Otuocha Road JunctionUmueriAnambra East
UmunnachiKm 12 Old Enugu-Osha RoadUmunnachiOyi
UmunyaEnugwu/Osha Express RoadUmunyaAnambra West
UmunzeUmunze/Isuochi RoadUmunzeOrumba North
Umuoba-AnamAfor Mkt SquareUmuoba AnamAnambra West
UmuojiAmoji Quarter’s, UmuojiUmuojiIdemili South
Umuokpuold onitsha exp. Umuokpu Akwa RoadUmuokpoDunukofia
UmuonyibaUmuonyiba Town SquareUmuonyibaOrumba North
UNIZIKUNIZIK campusAwkaAwka North
UnubiBeside Alor Market, Etitinabo Village, UnubiUnubiOrumba North

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