List Of Post Offices In Borno State, Nigeria With Addresses

Borno State, located in northeastern Nigeria, is not only renowned for its rich cultural heritage but also for its robust postal infrastructure. As a pivotal component of the state’s communication network, post offices serve as vital hubs for mail distribution and delivery services across various communities. From the bustling capital city of Maiduguri to remote villages nestled amidst the Sahel savanna, Borno State’s post offices play a crucial role in connecting residents and businesses alike.

This comprehensive list of post offices in Borno State, along with their respective addresses, serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to engage with postal services within the region. Whether it’s sending letters, parcels, or important documents, understanding the locations and operating hours of these post offices facilitates efficient communication and fosters socioeconomic development throughout Borno State.

The following is an address list for each of the Post Offices in Borno State. You can use these addresses to find the nearest post office that is geographically closest to your area. You can find any post office in Borno using Google Maps or by asking someone or a resident about the best route to take to get there.

According to the Nigerian Postal Service, the following is a list of Post Offices found in Borno State.

List Of Post Offices In Borno State, Nigeria With Addresses

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Post OfficeAddressCityLGA
Army Barrack BiuNigeria Army BarracksNig. Army BarracksBiu
AskiraOpposite Askira L.G.A. Sec.Askira/UBAAskira/ Uba
Baga RoadBalari fed low cost m/guriBalari fed low cost m/guriJere
BamaHausari Ward, BamaBamaBama
BenishiekhKano Road, BenishiekhBenishiekhKaga
BiuBiu-Gombi RoadBiuBiu
DikwaInside the Market Local Gov. BuildingDikwaDikwa
Fed SecFed Secretariat MaiduguriMaiduguriMaiduguri
GwangeBy Gwange Police Station Bama road GwangeGwangeJere
GwozaMarket Road, GwozaGwozaGwoza
KondugaAdjacent to L.G.A Sec. KondugaKondugaKonduga
KukawaOpposite Kukawa local governmentKukawaKukawa
LassaAdjacent General Hospital LassaAskira/UBAAskira/ Uba
MaiduguriMaiduguri MetropolitantMaiduguriMaiduguri
MaramaSakwa road, MaramaMaramaHawul
MongunoSDP Secretariat MaiduguriMongunoMonguno
NgalaOld Sec, Ngala LGAGamboru NgalaNgala
ShaniFire service building, AshaniShaniShani
UnimaiduguriUniversity MaiduguriUniversityJere

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