List Of Post Offices In Ekiti State, Nigeria With Addresses

Ekiti State, nestled in southwestern Nigeria, boasts a network of post offices scattered across its various towns and districts. These post offices serve as vital hubs for mail distribution, parcel handling, and other postal services important to the region’s communication infrastructure. As an integral part of Nigeria’s postal network, these facilities play a crucial role in facilitating both domestic and international correspondence, contributing to the socioeconomic development and connectivity of Ekiti State.

From the bustling urban centers to the remote rural communities, each post office in Ekiti State is equipped to handle a wide range of postal needs, including letter delivery, package dispatch, and financial services. With addresses spanning across the length and breadth of the state, these post offices serve as reliable touchpoints for individuals, businesses, and government agencies seeking efficient and secure postal solutions.

The following is an address list for each of the Post Offices in Ekiti State. You can use these addresses to find the nearest post office that is geographically closest to your area. You can find any post office in Ekiti using Google Maps or by asking someone or a resident about the best route to take to get there.

According to the Nigerian Postal Service, the following is a list of Post Offices found in Ekiti State.

List Of Post Offices In Ekiti State, Nigeria With Addresses

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Post OfficeAddressCityLGA
Ado EkitiOpp. WEMA Bank Odo OjaAdoAdo L/G
AisegbaAafin Market streetAisegba EkitiGbonyin
AramokoBeside Oba’s PalaceAramokoAramoko L/G
AwoEjisu StreetAwoIdo/ Osi
Ayede EkitiNear MarketCommunityOye
Ayetoro EkitiOdo Uju StreetCommunityIdo/ Osi
EfonKings Palace, EfonEfonEfon L/G
EmureOke Emure StreetEmureOrin L/G
ErinjiyanLocated at ErinjiyanErinjiyanEkiti/S/W
IdoOdo Oja StreetIdoIdo/ Osi
IfakiBeside Police Station, IfakiIfakiIdo/ Osi
IgbaraodoAlong Kings MarketIgbaraodoEkiti/S/W
IgedeIrona RoadIgedeIrepodun
IjanOke-Suru, IjanIjanIgboyin
Ijero EkitiOgbon Oba Street, IjeroCityIjero
Ijesa IsuMarket street Ijesa IsuIjesa Isu EkitiIkole
IkereAlong King PalaceIkereIkere L/G
IkoleIwakun Street Beside PalaceIkoleIkole
Ikoro EkitiNear PalaceCommunityIjero
IlaweOpp. Kings PalaceIlaweEkiti/S/W
Ilogbo EkitiOdo Oja StreetCommunityIdo/ Osi
Iloro EkitiOja Oba StreetCommunityIjero
IluomobaOke-Aanu StreetIluomobaIgboyin
IlupejuOld Ifaki Road, Ilupeju EkitiIlupeju EkitiOye
Ire EkitiOba’s PalaceCommunityOye
Isan EkitiNear MarketCommunityOye
IseBeside Oba’s PalaceIseOrin L/G
IyinBeside Kings palace, IyinIyinIrepodun
IyinLocated at Iyin EkitiIyinIlejemeje
Ode EkitiAfin Street Ode EkitiOde EkitiGbonyin
OkemesiOpp. Obas PalaceOkemesiEkiti West
Omuo- EkitiIlisa street Omuo EkitiOmuo- EkitiEkiti East
Omuo OkeMotor Park Omuo-OkeOmuo Oke EkitiEkiti East
OrinAlong Ido Road, Orin EkitiOrinIdo/ Osi
OsiBeside Kings PalaceOsiIdo/ Osi
Otun EkitiOdo-Oja street Otun EkitiCityMoba
OyeIfaki RoadOye EkitiOye
Ushi EkitiOja Oba Str., Ushi EkitiCommunityIdo/ Osi

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