List Of Post Offices In Osun State, Nigeria With Addresses

Osun State, located in southwestern Nigeria, has a network of post offices serving its diverse communities. These post offices play a crucial role in facilitating mail services, financial transactions, and other postal-related activities for residents and businesses across the state. Among the key post offices in Osun State are the Osogbo Post Office, located at Gbongan Road, Osogbo, and the Ilesa Post Office, situated at Ondo Road, Ilesa.

Additionally, other notable post offices include those in towns such as Ife, Iwo, Ejigbo, and Ikirun, each with its own unique address serving the needs of the local populace. These post offices serve as vital hubs for communication and connectivity, ensuring that individuals and organizations in Osun State can access reliable postal services to meet their various needs.

The following is an address list for each of the Post Offices in Osun State. You can use these addresses to find the nearest post office that is geographically closest to your area. You can find any post office in Osun using Google Maps or by asking someone or a resident about the best route to take to get there.

According to the Nigerian Postal Service, the following is a list of Post Offices found in Osun State.

List Of Post Offices In Osun State, Nigeria With Addresses

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Post OfficeAddressCityLga
AdaAlong Ibokun Rd AdaAdaBoripe
ApomuLagbaja Road, ApomuApomuIsokan
Dada EstateOlorunsogo Area, OsogboOsogboEgbedore
EdeAgboko Str EdeEdeEde North
Ede BoOff Railway Line EdeEdeEde North
Edun AbonOke Ode Road Edun AbonEdun AbonIfe North
EjigboOba Akinjole Way EjigboEjigboEjigbo
EkosinIgbajo Rd EkosinIfonOdo – Otin
Erin OsunAkogun Str Erin OsunErinIrepodun – Osun
ErinmoOdo Oja ErinmoErinmoOriade
Esa-OkeKetepe Hill Off Roun About Esa OkeEsa-OkeObokun
GbonganAdenuga Area GboganGbonganAiyedade
IbaMarket Rd IbaIbaIfelodun (Osun)
IbokunRound About IbokunIjesa LandObokun
Ife B OLagere/Iremo RoadIle-IfeIfe Central
IfetedoBaba Akodi StrIfetedoIfe South
IfewaraAtiba Street IfewaraIfewaraAtakumosa West
Ifon OsunBolorunduro Area Ifon OsunIfonOrolu
IgbajoPalace Sq IgbajoIgbajoBoluwaduro
IgbayeFaaji Str. IgbayeIgbayeOdo – Otin
Ijebu JesaOdo Ese Str., Ijebu IjesaIjesaOriade
Ikeji-IleA1,Oke Oja Str, Ikeji IleIjesaOriade
IkireAyedade Road, IkireIkireIrewole
IkirunStation IkirunIkirunIfelodun (Osun)
Ila-OrangunPalace Area IlaIla-OrangunIla
IlareOba’s Palace IlareIlareObokun
Ile-IfeEnuwa Sq Iremo RoadIle- IfeIfe East
Ile-OgboOja Ale Street Ile OgboIle-OgboAiyedire
IlesaMarket Sq Round About IleshaIlesaIlesha West
IlobuDagbolu Street IlobuIlobuIrepodun – Osun
IlokoNear Maternity Centre, IlokoIjesa LandOriade
ImadinAlong Osogbo Road, Ae, 28, Odeyemi Str IleshaImadinIlesha West
ImesiOdo Obi, Imesi IleImesiObokun
InisaEkosin Rd InisaInisaOdo – Otin
Ipetu IjesaIloro Street Ipetu IjesaIlesaOriade
IpetumoduIpetu Modu RoadIpetumoduIfe North
IragbijiAlong Ada Road IragbijiIragbijiBoripe
IreeIla Orangun Road IreeIreeBoripe
IresiAlong Otan Ayegbaju RdIresiBoluwaduro
IwaraBeside State Hosp IfewaraIwaraIlesha West
Iwo6, Ibadan Rd IwoIwoIwo
KutaIkoyi Road KutaKutaAiyedire
ModakekeItamerin Road ,ModakekeModakekeIfe East
MoroIpetu Modu Road, MoroMoroIfe North
OauOau CampusOauIfe Central
Oau Teaching HospitalOau, Teach. Hosp Premises, Along Ilesa Rd, IfeIle IfeIfe Central
OdeomuObada Area, Ode OmuOdeomuAiyedade
OkukuAlong Ilorin Road OkukuOkukuOdo – Otin
OllaEjigbo Road OllaOllaEjigbo
OlodeAbdulsalim Street, OlodeOlodeIfe South
OraIgbomina Market OraOraIfedayo
Orile OwuOju Oja Area, Orile OwuOrile OwuAiyedade
OsogboStation Road OsogboOsogboOsogbo
OsuOke Oja Ife Road, OsuIjesa LandAtakumosa West
Osun PolyPoly Campus IreeIreeBoripe
Osun State Coll Of EducationIfe Road IlesaIlesaIlesha West
Osun State Coll Of TechOpp Bola Ige House ,Esa OkeEsa-OkeObokun
Ota – EfunNew Ikirun Road OsogboOsogboOlorunda
Otan AyegbajuIla Orangun Rd Otan AyegbajuOtan AyegbajuBoluwaduro
OyanIla Road OyanOyanOdo – Otin

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