List Of Post Offices In Oyo State, Nigeria With Addresses

Oyo State, located in southwestern Nigeria, boasts a network of post offices strategically situated across its various cities and towns. These post offices serve as vital hubs for postal services, offering a range of mail-related facilities to residents, businesses, and government agencies. From handling letters and parcels to providing financial services and bill payment options, the post offices in Oyo State play a pivotal role in facilitating communication and commerce within the region.

With a commitment to efficiency and accessibility, the postal infrastructure in Oyo State continues to evolve, adapting to the changing needs of its population and the demands of a modern economy. As such, compiling a comprehensive list of post offices in Oyo State, along with their addresses, serves as a valuable resource for individuals and organizations seeking to utilize postal services effectively. Whether for personal correspondence or business transactions, the availability of this information ensures that residents and businesses can easily locate and access the postal services they require.

The following is an address list for each of the Post Offices in Oyo State. You can use these addresses to find the nearest post office that is geographically closest to your area. You can find any post office in Oyo using Google Maps or by asking someone or a resident about the best route to take to get there.

According to the Nigerian Postal Service, the following is a list of Post Offices found in Oyo State.

List Of Post Offices In Oyo State, Nigeria With Addresses

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Post OfficeAddressCityLGA
Ago-AmoduSepeteri road Ago-AmoduAgo-AmoduSaki East
Ago-AreSaki Road Ago-AreAgo-AreAtisbo
Agodi GateAgodi Gate Bus stop IbadanIbadanIbadan North
Agugu OremejiAgugu- Oremeji IbadanAgugu- Oremeji IbadanOna-Ara
Aja-awaOja Aja-AwaAja-awaOgo Oluwa
AweOpp. Alawe Palace AweAwe OyoAfijio
BacothoBaptist coll. Of Tech Isokun OyoIsokunOyo West
EleyeleEleyele Barrack IbadanEleyele – IbadanIbadan North–West
ErunmuErunmu/ Egbeda communityErunmu townEgbeda
EruwaEruwa Oyo StateEruwaIbarapa East
Fed. SecFed.Sec.ComplexIbadanIbadan North
FiditiIware Road FiditiFiditiAfijio
GPO DugbeOpp. Railway StationDugbe IbadanIbadan North–West
IgbetiOja Oba road IgbetiIgbetiOlorunsogo
IgbohoOke-Afin IgbohoIgbohoOrelope
IgbojayeJagun Area IgbojayeIgbojayeItesiwaju
IgbooraPost Office Rd, SagaunIgbooraIbarapa Central
IjeruArowomole Ijeru Area OgbomosoOgbomosoOgbomosho South
Ikoyi-IleTewure road Ikoyi-IleIkoyi-IleOri Ire
IloraOja-Oke IloraIloraAfijio
IseyinOluwole area IseyinIseyinIseyin
KishiAjegunle KishiKishiIrepodun
LaluponIbadan – Iwo road LaluponLalupon-LageluEgbeda
LanlateOke-Oja LanlateLanlate LocationIbarapa East
LAUTECHLAUTECH OgbomosoOgbomosoOgbomoso North
MapoOja-Oba Mapo hill IbadanIbadanIbadan South–East
OgbomosoTakie square, OgbomosoOgbomosoOgbomosho North
OkehoBarrack Area OkehoOkehoKajola
OyoOpp. Ekesan Market OyoOyoAtiba
SakiOkedio Sanngo road SakiSakiSaki West
SecretariatOyo State Govt SecretariatIbadanIbadan North
SepeteriOke Taase SepeteriSepeteriSaki East
TapaAyete TapaTapaIbarapa North
TedeIsale Igbogbo TedeTedeAtisbo
U I IbadanOjoo road U.I.IbadanIbadanAkinyele

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