List Of Post Offices In Plateau State, Nigeria With Addresses

In Plateau State, Nigeria, a network of post offices serves as crucial hubs for mail distribution, postal services, and communication within the region. As a vital component of the state’s infrastructure, these post offices play a significant role in facilitating both personal and commercial correspondence. With a diverse array of communities spread across Plateau State, each with its unique postal needs, these post offices serve as important touchpoints for residents, businesses, and governmental entities alike.

The list of post offices in Plateau State, along with their respective addresses, provides valuable information for individuals seeking to send or receive mail within the state. From the bustling capital city of Jos to remote rural villages, the presence of these post offices ensures that postal services are accessible to all residents, contributing to the efficient flow of communication and commerce across Plateau State.

The following is an address list for each of the Post Offices in Plateau State. You can use these addresses to find the nearest post office that is geographically closest to your area. You can find any post office in Plateau using Google Maps or by asking someone or a resident about the best route to take to get there.

According to the Nigerian Postal Service, the following is a list of Post Offices found in Plateau State.

List Of Post Offices In Plateau State, Nigeria With Addresses

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Post Office/ CityAddressLGA
AmperKawum Village Along Jos Road, AmperKanke
Anglo-JosYakubu GowoNo Way Anglo-JosJos South
Ba’apKopdong Along Ba’ap RoadQua’an Pan
Barikin LadiKoros Along Mangu Road Barikin LadiBarikin Ladi
BurukuRahwol Kanang Along Jos RoadJos South
DaffoMayi Area Daffo Bokkos LGABokkos
DengiJarmai Road, DengiKanam
DenshinAlong Lafia RD DemshinShendam
Doma***Adjecent RCM Primary School DomaDoma
Fed SecFederal Sec. JosJos South
GarkawaUnguwar Sarki Along Langtang Road, GarkawaMikang
GindiriBehind Gindiri Old Town Hall, GindiriMangu
JosAhmadu Bello WayJos North
JosTerminus Ahmadu Bello WayJos North
Jos NorthJos Massalacin Juma’a StreetJos North
KabwirAlong Dawaki Road, KabwirKanke
Kurra FallsBarkin Ladi Road Kurra fallsBarikin Ladi
LangtangDoriot Along Yelwa Road LangtangLangtang North
MabudiMabudi Lang Building StreetLangtang South
ManguDerdep Cemetary Road ManguMangu
NIPSSKuru Bukuru-Vom RoadJos South
PankshinUnguwar Galadima Post Office RoadPankshin
ShendamShendam CeNotralShendam
Uni-JosUniversity of Jos CampusJos North
VomAlong Bukuru-Vom RoadJos South
WaseLangtan RD WaseWase
Yelwa-IsharUnguwar Jarawa Along Garkawa Road Yelwa-IsharShendam
Zaria Rd.Rock haven Along Zaria Road, JosJos North

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