Onikan Postal Code (Zip Code) – Lagos State

Onikan is a location within the city of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria. It contains several streets that make use of the same postal or zip code.

Here are the streets in Onikan and their postal code:

LocationPostal Code
Moloney Street St.101231
Araromi Street St.101231
Berkley Street St.101231
Macharthy Street St.101231
Berkley Towers St.101231
King George V. Str. St.101231
Boyles Street St.101231
Ajasa Street St.101231
Military Street St.101231
Defence Hqtrs. St.101231
Tafawa Balewa Sq. East St.101231
Tafawa Balewa Sq.West St.101231
Tafawa Balewa Sq.Terrance. St.101231
Tafawa Balewa Sq. St.101231
(Club Arcade) St.101231
Lawson Street St.101231
Stranchan Street St.101231
Macarthy Street St.101231
Stranch Lane St.101231
ECOWAS Hqtrs. St.101231
Awoeowo Road 1 8 St.101231
Muson Centre St.101231
Force Road St.101231
Marina Street 1 14 St.101231
Island Club St.101231
Nitel Hqtrs. St.101231
City Hall St.101231
Campbell Street St.101231
Towry Street St.101231
Hospital Road St.101231
Oil Mill St St.101231
Catholic Mission Str. St.101231
Bamgbose St St.101231
Luther Street St.101231
Malomo Court St.101231
Shonibare St St.101231
Campos Square St.101231
Upper Campos St.101231
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