Orile Igamu Postal Code (Zip Code) – Lagos State

Orile Igamu is a location within the city of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria. It contains several streets that make use of the same postal or zip code.

Here are the streets in Orile Igamu and their postal code:

LocationPostal Code
Abebe vilage RD St.100282
Abosebe kuboye cresent St.101271
Adebisi Dasilva close St.101271
Ade onitimirin st St.101271
Akanbi onitiri st St.101271
Albu st St.101271
Akinsemoyin St.101271
Akintoyo akinbola St.101271
Amosu St.101271
Animashaun St.101271
Alh.jinadu ch St.101271
Alh. Oduola st. St.101271
Alokwem cl. St.101271
Babs Animashaun Road St.101271
Bode Thomas st St.101271
Balogun ch St.101271
Chief Natufe St St.101271
Cencus ch St.101271
Eric Moore Road St.101271
Eric Moore Church St.101271
Eric Moore Tower St.101271
Game village blocks St.101271
Idita st St.101271
Immam dauda st St.101271
Ipaye ch St.101271
Itoho St.101271
Jimoh odutola st St.101271
Johnson st St.101271
Ladipo abingo cr St.101271
Kernel st St.101271
Maniru ch St.101271
Olajumoke obasa St.101271
Oyediran St.101271
Peter ayansi St.101271
Pilot ch St.101271
Taoridi st St.101271
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