Sabon Gari LGA Postal Code (Zip Code) – Kaduna State

Sabon Gari, a prominent Local Government Area (LGA) in Kaduna State, Nigeria, is a region known for its historical significance, agricultural productivity, and vibrant community life. Nestled in the northwestern part of Kaduna State, Sabon Gari serves as a crucial hub for commerce, culture, and social interactions within the region.

Sabon Gari is one of the twenty-three (23) local governments in Kaduna with Sabon Gari as its main town. It has several districts and areas located within the LGA with several postal codes.

Postal odes play a pivotal role in this context, providing a systematic method for sorting and delivering mail. In Sabon Gari, as in other parts of Nigeria, the postal code system ensures that letters, packages, and important documents reach their intended destinations promptly and accurately.

These codes are indispensable for residents, businesses, and government agencies, facilitating everything from personal correspondence to commercial deliveries and administrative operations.

The postal code assigned to Sabon Gari is critical for various logistical and operational functions. It aids in the proper organization of the postal service, ensuring that mail is efficiently routed and delivered. For businesses, having an accurate postal code is crucial for customer orders, supply chain management, and overall service delivery. Government and emergency services also rely on these codes to provide timely and accurate responses to the needs of the community.

Understanding the specific postal code for Sabon Gari not only enhances the efficiency of mail delivery but also supports broader administrative and economic activities. In this article, we will delve deeper into the details of the Sabon Gari postal code, exploring its significance, applications, and the various areas it encompasses within the LGA.

There are several areas located within the LGA with some making use of different postal codes.

Below are all the postal codes for Sabon Gari LGA:


LocationPostal Code
Ung. Yaro810106
Ung.Malam Halilu810106
Zangon Dan-Baro810106
Ung. Barau810106
Basawa Tsakiya810106
Ung. Dan- Gaiya810106
Ung. Fulani810106
Ung. Hayin-Liman810106
Ung. Makera810106
Ung. Na’inna810106
Gwanda Tsakiya810106
Ung. Rimi Village810106
Ung. Sabon-Layi810106
Layin Zomo Tsakiya810106
Ung. Turaki810106
Malam Sale810106
Palladan Tsakiya810106
Rimin Tsiwa810106
Sarkin Fulani810106
Ung. Amfani810106

Sabon Gari rural areas

LocationPostal Code
Babban Titi810103
Sabon Gari810103
Cediyar Bawa810103
Shika Dam810103
Daurawa Tsakiya810103
Ung Yamma810103
Dogon Bauchi810103
Unguwar Kasuwa810103
Dorawar Malami810103
Unguwar Tabacco810103
Durumin Sabbi810103
Hayin Ojo810103
Jushin Waje810103


LocationPostal Code
Ung. Sojoji810107
Ung. Tsamiya810107
Ung. Tsauni810107
Ung. Koraye810107
Ung. Yalwa Tsakiya810107
Ung. Kurani810107
Ung. Yaranda810107
Ung. Kwakwaren Manu810107
Ung. Yardorawa Tsakiya810107
Ung. Kwanin Kubanni810107
Ung. Zangon Shanu810107
Ung. Kwari810107
Ung. Liman810107
Ung. Madaki810107
Ung. Maiwada810107
Ung. Makaranta810107
Ung. Nasarawa810107
Ung. Rinji810107
Ung. Samanja810107
Ung. Sarki810107
Bomo Tsakiya810107
Ung. Hayin Sambo810107
Bomo Village810107
Ung. Iya810107
Gwada Tsakiya810107
Ung. Kaya810107
Jama’a Tsakiya810107
Kallon -Kura Tsakiya810107
Mil-goma Tsakiya810107
Samaru Tsakiya810107
Samaru Village810107
Ung. Arewaci810107
Ung. Bamunna810107
Ung. Dan’ayu810107
Ung. Dan-lami810107
Ung. Dansa’a810107
Ung. Hayin Danyaro810107
Ung. Hayin Liman810107
Ung. Hayin Malam Tsoho810107

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