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Warri, a bustling and economically significant town in Delta State, Nigeria, is renowned for its pivotal role in the country’s oil and gas industry, as well as its vibrant cultural heritage. As a major urban center, Warri serves as a hub for commerce, industry, and social activities, attracting a diverse population and a multitude of businesses.

Effective communication and logistics are essential to support the town’s dynamic environment, and a well-structured postal code system is crucial for ensuring the accurate and timely delivery of mail and packages.

Postal codes, also known as zip codes in some parts of the world, are numerical codes assigned to specific geographic areas to facilitate the sorting and delivery of mail. In Warri, having access to the correct postal codes is vital for residents, businesses, and service providers. These codes help direct letters, parcels, and important documents to their exact destinations, minimizing delays and enhancing the efficiency of postal services.

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Warri is divided into various neighborhoods, commercial districts, and residential areas, each with its own unique postal code. Key areas within Warri, such as Effurun, Udu, and Ekpan, have designated postal codes that streamline mail distribution and logistical planning. Understanding and using these postal codes correctly is essential for improving communication, supporting local businesses, and ensuring the smooth operation of administrative processes.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the postal codes assigned to different locations within Warri town. By familiarizing yourself with these codes, you can ensure that your mail and packages are delivered accurately and promptly. Whether you are a resident sending a letter to a family member, a business receiving inventory, or a service provider managing logistics, knowing the correct postal codes for Warri is crucial for maintaining efficient and effective communication and operations.

Below are all the postal codes for towns within Warri.

Upper Erejuwa

LocationPostal Code
Aboh St 332231
Awoforitse St 332231
Bazunu St 332231
Bungalow Rd 332231
Ginuwa St 332231
Idama St 332231
Igbi St 332231
Igbudu St 332231
Khalil St 332231
Mowoe St 332231
Nelson William St332231
Obahor St 332231
Odibo St 332231
Okadeji St332231
Okere Rd 332231
Olodi St 332231
Omatsola Cr 332231
Ometan St 332231
Owumi St 332231
Robert Rd 332231
Baptist Rd 332231
Smart St 332231
Swamp Rd 332231
Upper Erejuwa Rd 332231
Welfare Rd 332231
Yoruba St 332231
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Warri Airport

1st Odibo Ave332213
2nd Odibo Ave332213
Abala St.332213
Agaga Layout332213
Airport Road (Warri Bypass)332213
Bakapa St.332213
Bishop Rd.332213
Edewor Estate332213
Enerhe Rd.332213
Fairview Ave.332213
Jefia Ln.332213
Metroness Rd.332213
Mosheshe Rd.332213
Ogberun Ln.332213
Perry Ln.332213
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Adewhe St.332212
Alaka St.332212
Ekpan Rd.332212
Enuorere St.332212
General Hospital332212
Okito St.332212
Okubo St.332212
Oroke Estate332212
Refinery Rd.332212
Sokoh Estate.332212
Sokoh Rd.332212
Ugborikoko Housing Est.332212
Urhumarhu St.332212
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Alders Town

LocationPostal Code
Adiarho St.332232
Agbodje St.332232
Ajiya St.332232
Akiko St.332232
Beire St.332232
Bowen Rd.332232
Cemetary Rd.332232
Digbori St.332232
Dore St.332232
Ereku St.332232
Gburoje St.332232
Hausa St.332232
Ideso St.332232
Igbudu St.332232
Ijaw St.332232
Iyara St.332232
Market Rd.332232
Mciver Rd.332232
Mcdermont Rd.332232
Obire St.332232
Odion St.332232
Ogedegbe St.332232
Onorigbe St.332232
Sido St.332232
Skinn Rd.332232
SSL Rd.332232
Urhobo St.332232
Victoria Ave.332232
Wrri/Sapele Rd.332232
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Okuamagba Layout

LocationPostal Code
Airport Rd.332211
Akpala Rd.332211
Asiughwru St.332211
Deco Rd.332211
Domino Ifiebor Rd.332211
Ebor St.332211
Edjaba Rd.332211
Emebre St.332211
Erirhovwere St.332211
Eyesan St.332211
Gemisi St.332211
Giwa Rd.332211
Grey St.332211
Idiaragbe Rd.332211
Karien St.332211
Marine Gate Rd.332211
Okiti Rd.332211
Okumagba Ave.332211
Omoregbe St.332211
Onogho St.332211
Wille St.332211
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LocationPostal Code
Fube Rd.332233
Industrial Estate332233
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Ekpan (Tori)

LocationPostal Code
Army Brks332281
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Golf Course Rd

LocationPostal Code
Anwai Rd.320242
Golf Course Rd.320242
Government House320242
Ibrahim Kafas Cr.320242
Okipanam Asaba Rd.320242
Old Nwai Rd.320242
Benin Cl.320242
Benue Rd.320242
Ekpen Rd.320242
Ekurede Itsekiri320242
Esisi Rd.320242
Gulf-Course Rd.320242
Kings Rd.320242
Naval College320242
Niger Rd.320242
NPA Extension320242
NPA Yard.320242
Ogunu Rd.320242
School Rd.320242
Shell PDC Mian Office320242
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Borrow Pit

LocationPostal Code
Oil Refinery332271
SPDC Housing Est.332271
Specialist Hospital332271
Udi Army Brks332271
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