Pai District Postal Code (Zip Code) Kwali – Abuja (FCT)

Pai District, also nestled within Kwali Local Government Area (LGA) of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Nigeria, is assigned a specific postal code to streamline mail delivery and enhance logistical operations.

The postal code for Pai District is 904101. This unique identifier ensures that mail addressed to Pai District reaches its intended recipients promptly and accurately. Residents, businesses, and postal service providers in Pai District rely on this postal code to facilitate communication, commerce, and administrative processes within the area.

By utilizing the correct postal code, individuals and organizations contribute to the efficient functioning of mail services and support the connectivity and development of Pai District and the broader Kwali LGA.

Pai district contains several locations/streets that make use of the same postal or zip code. Below are the areas in Pai with their postal codes:

LocationPostal Code
Kuti Chichi904101
Leleyi Bassa904101
Pai Fulani904101
Pai Gwari904101
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